Thought Leadership

If you’ve always dreamed of being recognized as a thought leader and influencer in your space, our thought-leadership program is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Building a personal brand in the digital age is no longer a tool only major companies and celebrities use to advance their careers. It’s now a requirement for every business leader, small or large, if they want to be competitive.

Having helped many top industry leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and celebrities craft and promote personal brands that speak to their core audiences, we have identified a critical part of personal branding for business owners and startups.


Our thought leadership campaign is a program designed to help you become a global influencer. We do it by identifying the most influential publications and magazines in your industry and then securing authorship positions for you, our client, in these publications. To achieve these goals, we leverage our decade-long experience and connections in the media industry.

The campaign is an advanced-stage influencer program initially designed for CEOs of top companies and celebrity journalists. Today, startup founders and young entrepreneurs can also become influencers in their industries with the ability to shape the opinions of their audiences, who read these publications.

To ensure you are seen in a positive light, we employ best publishing practices and follow guidelines of each publication while working hard to secure your authorship.

We understand you may need this program to help gain the trust of your potential investors, so we assembled a team of top-notch experts to help you achieve your goals. Our content writers and editors are native English speakers, who have worked with top industry leaders and renowned individuals.


With our thought leadership campaign, you will be able to:

  • receive organic press for your product or company/startup
  • populate search engine result pages (Google) with positive brand content
  • build authority for yourself
  • attain celebrity status (most of our clients got a Wikipedia page and a verified tick on their social media channels after our campaigns)


Given the rigor of this program and the commitment required on behalf of the client, we accept only those who meet the following criteria:

  • You must have an existing company or product (if you’re a public figure, your image is your product)
  • You must hold an executive-level position in the company
  • You must have a minimum budget of $1,990
  • You must be willing to supply personal data (a professional headshot, links to your social handles (no passwords, please), and a brief bio)

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