Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

To put it short, ORM is you taking control of how you or your company appears to potential customers/clients or employers on the internet.

Before people decide to enter into a partnership of any sort with a third party, they first do a Google search of the other party and see what comes up for their name/brand or company name. This is when you get to make a FIRST IMPRESSION. But unfortunately, many small businesses don’t even get a chance before their would-be-client decides to cancel what would have been a big relationship intended to carry the company/party to a whole new level of operation, just because of undesirable reviews/comments coming up on search results for the company’s name.

Did you remember when that client rung you up and told you about their interest in trying out your services/product, only not to hear back from them again? Most of the time, they might not even get to make the first call before looking you up on Google! Now imagine how much you must be losing in scores of business transactions and ultimately thousands of $$$ in profit!

This is the Time to Take Your Fate in Your OWN Hands

This is the time to stop letting fate(what others post about your company on the internet) determine your future and grab your future in your hands. Let our seasoned online reputation management/repair team help you replace bad reviews/comments about your company with original positive reviews that bests describe the habit and culture of your company.

The good news is you don’t have to spend so much to earn your business very much. With experience in ORM and other internet related marketing, our team are able to achieve the best results without the cost of big brand names.

However, it is very important that you are aware of the following:

  1. Getting to improve your image online will take time, and in most cases you’re not going to see immediate results.
  2. If you/your company are/is responsible for what results in a damage to your online reputation(of course, we’re not here to point fingers), we’ll advice you to FIRST find out what they are and try to improve on them before using our ORM services.
  3. We can’t guarantee who says what and what ranks where for your company/brand’s name because these factors (ie. the search engines like Google, and the people posting stuffs about you/your brand like jobless reviewers) are beyond our control.
  4. Our ORM program is only intended to push undesirable results about your brand off the first page of Google search results and should not be taken as a substitute for marketing your business online. If you’re interested in any of our online marketing services, then check out our services page.


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