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For every sale made, Effective Inbound Marketing will donate 500 facemasks to hospitals in Africa and Europe.

What’s The Luxury Marketing Bundle?

Before you continue, if you’re running your business on a shoestring budget and praying for miracles, this is definitely NOT for you! If you think your business deserves to compete with big established names and are ready to spend the money to see that happen, then read on.

The luxury marketing campaign packs our most sought-after marketing services bundled into a single offer. It covers your Press Release services guaranteed to score placements in top publications, PR-style link building placements in mainstream publications, a yearly website content planner, and a proven winning content strategy.

How Does It Work?

When you apply for the luxury marketing campaign, we’ll do our pre-checks to see if you qualify for this campaign. We can only work with a few select clients at a given time.

If your business qualifies, we conduct extensive research on your business and the industry you’re in. Running multiple interviews with key persons in the company, we’ll put together the information we need to work on your account. This includes conducting multiple types of research on your competitors to identify weak points.

Below are what you’ll get in this luxury marketing campaign:

  • This campaign will run for a duration of 7 months to 1 year.
  • Intermittent Press Releases about your company and product or service (Distributed to 500+ media outlets), Google News, Bing & Yahoo!.
  • 1-Year Content Calendar.
  • Website Content Strategy with Optional Competitor Analysis
  • Guaranteed Placements(with links) in mainstream publications: (Our stories and Press Releases get picked by CNN, MSN and many more. You can request to see samples)
  • Assistance with blog articles for your website

How Do I Know If My Business Qualifies for This?

Let’s be clear. Because you may not qualify for our Luxury Marketing, we have other packages you can check out at our services page.

While we’d love to work with everybody, sadly, we have to turn down most in order to maintain the quality of our job. While our budget for this may be high, it’s not about the money!

To apply for the luxury marketing campaign, fill out the form below and tell us your budget. You can select from the lowest at $15k package to the $40k package.

Here’s how the pricing structure works:

15k – PR services for 3 months, 1-month website content, placement in 3 major outlets, 6 months content calendar, and free website analysis.

25k – PR services for 7 months, 3 months of website content, placement in 6 major outlets, 1-year content calendar, free website analysis & content marketing strategy.

40k – PR services for 1 year, 1 year of website blog content, placement in 20 major outlets, 2 years content calendar, free website analysis, content marketing strategy & branding strategy.

If your business requires more, and you plan to extend your campaign for longer than 1 year, you can select “My Budget”.

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