Why Do You Need AI Chatbot for Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are not a new development. They have been around since 1994 when an MIT professor developed ELIZA and called it a “Chatterbox.”

In 2020, AI chatbots promise to do more than just chat.

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way brands converse with their customers. These software programs can simulate human conversations and talk to customers through text messages, voice messages, or both.

AI chatbots can perform repetitive and mundane tasks without human intervention within a fraction of the time that a human would take. You can easily embed a chatbot in any customer-facing platform such as websites, business applications, and instant messaging apps.

Chatbots can keep your customers engaged for long. They can provide quick answers to repetitive questions such as those related to product information and website navigation issues. Prompt service enhances customer experiences and customer satisfaction rates.

While interacting with customers, chatbots can gather valuable data and insights about them, which you can use for lead generation and conversions.

And the best part?

Chatbots work tirelessly 24X7 and can handle multiple customer requests at the same time.

If you delegate a part of your customer service workload to AI chatbots, you can cut down labor costs, especially as you scale up your business. Click To Tweet

Overall, deploying an AI chatbot is a wise investment for any brand that constantly receives customer requests.

Want to create and deploy a chatbot for your business website or app?

You can learn about the top features of 11 of the best chatbots that you can use on your business website, Facebook Messenger, and other apps.

If you want to learn more about chatbots before taking the plunge, check out the infographic below.

Why Do You Need an AI Chatbot for Your Business
Image Courtesy: Shane Barker

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