How to Increase Email Subscriber Conversions for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

There are many ways to attract more customers, increase your online presence, and secure more sales. Through services like online reputation management or video content creation, you can choose from several approaches to increase your company’s reach. One popular method is email marketing.

In simple terms, email marketing is the process of sending emails to promote a product or service. When used effectively, this form of marketing helps you develop strong relationships with clients and potential customers. 

Effective email marketing is not sending out repetitive emails to annoy your subscribers. Rather, this tactic involves well-thought-out messages that are meant to convert clients.

Though it may take some experimentation, you can use email marketing to greatly increase your sales and ROI. A report published by stated that for every $1 companies spend on email marketing, they can expect an average $44 return. This means that with the right techniques in place, you can anticipate a 4,300% ROI. Email marketing is incredibly lucrative when done correctly. 

Before you start converting email subscribers, you may need to build your subscriber list. Getting people to sign up for an email list can be difficult. Internet users often view it as annoying at best and invasive in severe cases. 

However, when you implement the proper techniques, you can get new people to sign up easily. Check out some of the methods you can use to engage potential customers and encourage them to sign up for your email listings. 

Make It Simple to Enter an Email Address

Sometimes, companies request a user’s first name and email address when someone tries to subscribe to an email listing. Businesses love asking for users’ first names, as this gives them the opportunity to create personalized messages.

While personalized messages can be effective in increasing engagement, you do not really need a new subscriber’s first name. Get rid of the “name” section on your email sign-up form. This way, a new subscriber will only have to enter their email. This simplicity drastically reduces the bounce rate and increases the chances that an Internet user will complete your sign-up form. 

Internet users do not like overly-complicated processes. By making your sign-up form as simple as possible, you will streamline the task of gaining new email subscribers. 

If you insist on requesting a user’s first name, stop there. Stay away from including fields for irrelevant information like a user’s birthday or ZIP code. When you make your opt-in form simple, interested customers will be more likely to take initiative and become email subscribers. 

If you aren’t convinced that shorter forms are the way to go, consider a study conducted by MarketingExperimentals. In this study, researchers found that shorter forms (with 5 fields) produced a 3% higher conversion rate than forms with 9 fields. 

Reduce the Number of Clicks It Takes to Subscribe

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This tip ties into the previous one. You need to simplify the email subscription process as much as possible. One way to do this is to reduce the number of clicks it takes to subscribe. 

Do this by making your opt-in form available on every page of your website. Most companies have an opt-in form that’s easily accessible on their homepages. While this is a great start, you need to put this form in other strategic places. Some companies make the mistake of only including their opt-in forms in the footers of heavily-frequented pages.

Ideally, this form should be integrated into every page of your website. Do not make your opt-in form too intrusive, but ensure that all visitors can easily view it. Be sure to include the most important details regarding an enticing promotion you are hosting. This way, you can attract the attention of customers at varying interest levels and potentially encourage them to sign up. 

Consider using pop-ups in certain scenarios. For instance, program a pop-up to appear when a client has been on your website for a predetermined period or is about to exit off your page. Pop-up forms can border the line between compelling and annoying, so never make them overly intrusive.

Give users a way to easily click off of it. And, try to stay away from pop-up forms that appear within seconds of a user’s visit to your site. Allow them to digest your site’s content on their own. Plus, they may even sign up on their own terms through a sidebar opt-in email form. 

Try Building QR Codes to Encourage Email Signups

Despite your best efforts, you may experience lackluster results when it comes to recruiting new email subscribers online. If you need a fresh way to gain new subscribers, try capturing the attention of people in the real world.

QR codes are a creative way to engage with people as they live their everyday lives away from their computers. QR codes are unique arrangements of black dots and squares. They are very similar to barcodes at a grocery store. Businesses can create unique QR codes to lead customers to their websites.

Try placing a QR code that leads to your website in public places. Place codes on signs throughout your company’s premises. Include some basic information about what your customers will gain by subscribing to your email listing. 

Because customers will scan your QR code with their phones, you need to ensure that your opt-in form and website are mobile-friendly. If you’re not sure, you can enlist CRO (conversion rate optimization) services for your company’s site. This way, you can offer users a superior online experience. CRO services will check aspects of your website like load time and mobile compatibility. With factors like these properly surveyed and perfected, users will be more likely to stay on your website and opt-in to your email listing.

Using QR codes is a fun and interactive way to increase your email subscriber conversions. Before you put them out, ensure your website is properly designed to fit mobile devices. When you’re ready, experiment with placing QR codes in different places. This way, you can most effectively reach diverse customers.

Encourage Current Subscribers to Forward Your Newsletters

Releasing newsletters to your current email subscribers is a great way to engage them. Through this form of communication, you can keep them in the loop of your company’s most relevant information. 

While newsletters are a great way to interact with current subscribers, they offer endless possibilities when it comes to acquiring new ones. You do not need to rely on finding completely new customers. Utilize the subscribers you already have to grow your mailing list. 

Do this by encouraging people to share your newsletter with their friends and family. Try not to throw in this message with every single newsletter you send out. Rather, only do so with newsletters that contain particularly compelling content. 

This method has a lot of potential when it comes to increasing your email subscriber conversions. Internet users hold content that is shared by friends in high authority. 

Avoid making mistakes with your email marketing by focusing on the following with your newsletters:

  • Always make sure the newsletter has a section where new readers can opt-in. 
  • Reduce the chances of a new reader clicking on the “unsubscribe” button. This will remove the original recipient from your mailing list. To minimize the chances of this happening, make it clear that it’s a forwarded message and ensure your newsletter doesn’t come across as spam. 

Offer Different Subscription Plans

Users are much more likely to convert to email subscribers when they are given a choice. They do not want to feel forced into anything. 

While offering a choice is important, do not make the opt-in process confusing. Offer two or three subscription plans for users to choose from. Some examples of plans you can offer include:

  • Three or more emails a week
  • Weekly email updates
  • One message every month that summarizes the company’s objectives, promotions, accomplishments, etc. 

Even if most of your subscribers opt for the monthly message, your company will still be in front of a lot of new people. Hesitant customers can opt-in for your emails and rest assured knowing they won’t be overwhelmed with messages from your company. 

By offering different plans, you will even draw in customers who despise email marketing and swear against it. When you promise a predetermined number of emails per period, you’ll establish trust in apprehensive users. 

Use Social Media to Encourage Email Signups

Email marketing may seem a little outdated to some Internet users. Stay up-to-date on the Internet by advertising your email opt-in form on social media. Use Facebook and Twitter to invite people to join your email listing. Ideally, create a separate landing page for your Facebook and Twitter followers. A landing page will be effective because it offers focused information regarding email signup that a user can easily digest. 

With a landing page established, create a post with a link to this signup page. Consider using paid promotions to reach a higher volume of your followers. Haven’t had the chance yet to grow your social media audience much? Check out these proven ways to gain a bigger audience.

Host a Giveaway and Collect High-Quality Emails

When you host a giveaway, require that customers sign up using their email. The chance of winning a prize will likely entice thousands of new email signups.

When a giveaway is in the picture, everyone will want a chance to win. As a result, you may receive a lot of low-quality emails if you don’t host your giveaway properly.

We recommend that you give away a valuable prize, but don’t make it something that everyone will benefit from. Steer clear of cash prizes or a gift card to a common store. Rather, give away something valuable to a customer in your niche. A free year of marketing services is valuable to your marketing clients, but it will be worthless to your everyday Internet user. A prize like this diminishes the number of low-quality emails.

Create a Webinar for Your Latest Product or Service

Take the time to create a webinar for your latest product or service. They can take under 30 minutes to record and offer valuable information to potential customers. 

Webinars are much more compelling than standard videos. They aren’t available to view around-the-clock. Rather, interested Internet users must attend them at a predetermined time. 

You can require that users enter their email in order to attend. Because webinars can create a deceptive sense of scarcity (“signup now, spots are limited!”), users will feel compelled to enter their emails so they can secure a virtual seat. 

Webinars also have the potential to:

  • Make your brand stand out
  • Establish your company in its particular niche
  • Produce profit you can use to fund your email marketing efforts

Not every company is offering and hosting webinars. They are valuable sessions that let you demonstrate your unique perspective and knowledge. When Internet users are able to see you as a reputable industry leader, they will be more willing to hand over their emails to see what your company is all about. 

Because of webinars’ versatility, you can use them to build your email subscriber list with little effort. 

Craft a Solid Welcome Email

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Now that you have a handful of brand new email subscribers, you need to be sure to engage them. Make them stick around and actively consume the content that you deliver. 

Arguably, the welcome email is the most compelling message you can send to a potential customer. This email may be one of the valuable impressions they receive from your company. Craft this initial message so that it contains everything you want your subscribers to know about what you offer. However, do not make it too lengthy. You don’t want to lose anyone’s attention when you’re trying to turn them into a paying customer. 

Bottom Line

When you utilize all of the tips we have outlined, you will undoubtedly pull in new email subscribers. To fully capture their attention, you need to have a solid welcome message ready to send out. From there, you will be closing sales in no time – all thanks to a comprehensive email marketing strategy!

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