How to Integrate Social Media into Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing is a useful tool for reaching new users while email marketing is great at making them convert. If you combine the two, you get a very powerful marketing machine. 

According to an industry study, customers have to encounter a brand at least 12 times before making a buying decision. Businesses that integrate email marketing with social media can complete that milestone sooner. 

By doing this, businesses can build customer loyalty, increase engagement, and improve brand recognition. Marketing techniques that once stood alone are now coming together to create powerful alliances.

It is a simple process to make email and social media work together in a cost-effective way. Here are some tips to get you started:

Tip #1: Merge email and social media to create a stronger brand.

Potential customers look for brand integrity, which means that the company should be trustworthy and pays attention to details.

So, what happens when two marketing teams in charge of different channels don’t talk to each other? Your business starts speaking in different languages, and your brand consistency will suffer. For example, the emails you sent out may sound fun and informal, but your Facebook page is all serious business.

The entire branding becomes a bit weaker – and you lose potential customers in the end.

Syncing up the language of your email marketing and social media is not that hard. It all comes down to proper communication between teams. Click To Tweet And if you do it right, this will help you achieve a more effective branding.

Tip #2: Use your email list on social media ads.

Social media advertising can be a powerful way to convert prospective customers. Unfortunately, they aren’t that cheap. It would be a lot helpful if you know which call-to-action will get more conversions. 

You can use your current email marketing to try out some ideas for ads. For example, send out emails based on catchy subject lines techniques to see which one performs best, then use it in social media ads.

Tip #3: Add your social media links in your email updates. 

Don’t forget to include links to your social media pages in your email updates. This will make your email subscription a one-click decision.

If a customer subscribes to your email list, they might also be interested to visit your social media pages. If you don’t have social media links available, your subscribers won’t bother finding them at all. Also, link back to your website from your social media profiles and your newsletter. A good idea is to link to a specific landing page on your website instead of your homepage. This way, you will be able to direct your website visitors to a webpage with a specific call to action or a clear message. 

Tip #4: Schedule social media posts that will remind subscribers about your email list. 

It’s quite useful to remind fans and followers of your social media profiles about subscribing to your email list as well. For starters, you can publish posts with a link to your subscription page. Be clear about what the user should expect after signing up and why being on your email list is cool. Once the users have signed up, don’t forget to send a welcome message. 

Tip #5: Use social media to make potential customers subscribe. 

If you want to get specific customers to sign up for your email list, social media can be a huge help, particularly LinkedIn. Simply plug your ideal user profile into LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the tool will automatically generate a list of people that are fit to be your customers.

Next, you can get in touch with them and make them sign up. It helps to have some kind of an incentive, like an infographic or whitepaper they can get after subscribing. Do your research, craft a personalized message, and you’ll be able to grow your email list with your ideal customers quickly.

Tip #6: Upload your email list to social media. 

You can also import users who are already subscribed to your email list to social media. You can upload your list of email subscribers to Twitter via Tailored Audiences, Facebook’s Custom Audiences, or LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences.

Uploading your list to various platforms may follow different processes, but the end result is the same. Once you have your list uploaded, you have another batch of followers that will improve your social media engagement. This way, you can also easily target your ads based on whether your customers have encountered your company before or not.

Tip #7: Pin your newsletters on your Pinterest board.

How do you let your followers know that you have a newsletter? Pin it on one of your Pinterest boards. To do this, go to your newsletter archive, and open your latest newsletter. Choose a key image from your newest newsletter and pin it to your Pinterest account. Then, link the image back to your archived newsletter. This will give your emails extra exposure and a few SEO benefits, too. 

Tip #8: Post content snippets from your newsletter on social media and link them back to your email. 

The most convenient way to post your content snippets is to schedule them using or MarketMeSuite. You can schedule several posts to go out over the next few days. To bring attention to your archive, you can include a Subscribe to My List button on your newsletter, so that, if a user lands there from your posted snippets, they know where to sign up immediately.

Tip #9: Insert social media snippets into your newsletter.

To encourage your newsletter subscribers to visit you on social media, take screenshots of your posts with good engagement on social media, using the Microsoft Snipping Tool, Snagit, or other screenshot tools. You can take pictures of some good posts, reviews, or messages and include them in your newsletter. This technique works particularly great if you pair it with a call to action to improve engagement. 

Tip #10: Use a sign-up app on your Facebook Page.

Constant Contact’s Join My Mailing List app is great for getting subscribers directly on your Facebook page. If visitors come to your Facebook Page and they want to know what you do, you can get them to sign up for your email list on the Page itself. Just make sure to customize the app thumbnail to match your company and personalize the default text telling people why they should sign up.


Today, there are several ways to promote your brand online than ever before. But this variety comes at a price. Businesses usually try to market using several channels at once, only to forget to incorporate them with each other. Instead of investing in various channels, businesses should think about making them work together. It’s the formula as old as life itself: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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