The Future of Content Marketing Infused with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being utilized as a core technology for innovation and efficiency across many fields including sales, marketing, operations, development and design, and public relations and communication. AI is increasingly becoming the key technology to transform marketing content and strategies. 

Since the influence and impact of AI in content marketing are increasing rapidly, we need to have a detailed idea about how AI really works and how it improves content marketing for various business niches. 

Let us explain how AI for content marketing works and the specific areas where AI leaves the highest impact.

How does AI really shape Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves a variety of intelligent as well as routine activities. A considerable load of these activities now can be handled by machines and machine intelligence to ensure efficiency.

Content marketers need to focus on various crucial aspects such as finding the most relevant keywords, planning topics, researching the topics, optimizing landing pages, scheduling content posts, creating and scheduling social media content, reviewing analytics and doing an evaluation of content strategies and how they work. To carry out many of these tasks AI-powered algorithms and applications can play a highly useful and effective role. 

Besides such repetitive and mundane tasks, even for creating unique content also, AI-powered tools can play an important role. Already, some publication houses and news organizations are using AI-powered tools to create content and publish them on a day to day basis.

Associated Press (AP), way back in 2014, began using AI for creating news reports based on information. According to them, the use of AI helped them to cover a lot more news items with small automated reports. Though it just marked a beginning, in the years to come we can see more AI-powered content writing tools to emerge for creating and publishing highly creative content. 

Many startups and small enterprises are also utilizing AI for content creation and marketing. The AI-powered content marketing for most companies is mostly about making audience, keyword and topic research by utilizing relevant user and market insights. The utilization of audience and user insights are helping many enterprises to create a highly audience-focused content strategy.

Let us also explain a few basics in this respect. First of all, AI doesn’t represent one single technology that can be utilized for different content marketing needs. It represents a gross field comprising different technologies ranging from natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and natural language generation (NLG). Instead of working on preset rules, AI-based applications can help a Machine to set and change rules proactively on the basis of the audience interactions and the context. 

Custom News Feed Algorithms  

With the help of AI already, social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are increasingly customizing the news feeds of the users. This custom news feed actually helps users to get access to the content they are interested in.

By using a variety of variables and different factors, social media platforms can help to predict the posts that can get most interactions, likes, shares, and comments. Click To Tweet Based on these variables, social media platforms can also predict which content can easily be marked by users as spam and avoided altogether. Moreover, some paid contents and ads on social media platforms enjoy more traction while others fail to achieve any user engagement.

Finding relevant data-driven insights  

As per the recent study by IBM Marketing Cloud in 2017, the vast majority of internet data are created just within two years preceding this study. According to the same study, an array of new devices and technologies are responsible for this accelerated growth of data. As this acceleration of data growth is likely to continue in the years to come, there is now a huge scope to draw relevant insights from this pool of data. 

For finding the most relevant data-driven insights, AI-powered tools can play a really effective role. Since the vast majority of digital data are found to be uncategorized, it requires in-depth segmentation and use of a variety of parameters to gather workable and useful insights. This is exactly where AI-based apps can play a great role. 

Machine learning which is a subset of AI technology further helps us in drawing relevant insights from the data. Machine learning focuses on learning about users based on previous interactions and user data. And accordingly, it helps an application to tweak its activities to suite the user needs.  Some AI algorithms like IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition (WEXDAE), by using both machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, help to catch relevant data-based insights. 

Boosting Predictive Analytics

A huge amount of small businesses are now using predictive analytics to gain an idea about the most opportune moment and context when they can target users effectively and reap in business benefits. Gartner’s study in 2018 named Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms report revealed that all enterprises across the sizes and niches and even software editors are increasingly using intelligent analytics tools to diagnose opportunities and underlying issues. 

AI, besides helping enterprises to gather valuable and relevant insights from data, also helps to utilize these insights in making better efforts with content marketing. This process widely referred to as intelligent predictive analytics involves a variety of procedures such as data mining, statistical analysis, and data modeling. Now that predictive analytics has become an irreplaceable part of marketing strategy, the AI power is helping to speed up the analysis and make the process faster.  

Knowing Audience Accurately and Targeting

Ever since AI came as a valuable technology for a multitude of purposes across all business niches, the utilization of AI continues to get better and more tuned to the user context and requirements. AI is now used by the vast majority of marketers to get knowledge and insights about how companies can use them for understanding the target audience better and make an appropriate value proposition. 

AI plays the most crucial role in knowing the audience with more depth while finding the most relevant ways to target and retarget users. Click To Tweet

By in-depth audience analysis and constant monitoring of personal preferences and leanings, AI in marketing can help to create content that the audience is likely to fall in love with. While the vitality of content remains largely a chance factor, AI-powered tools can offer companies scopes and insights to fulfill the most common requirements to become popular. 

Improving Content Marketing Strategy with AI ChatBot or Assistant

Since AI has already been incorporated into chatbots and intelligent apps across the niches, businesses are eager to know whether there can be an intelligent AI-based marketing assistant capable of taking care of all types of content marketing tasks.

Boosting Security and Privacy

AI-powered tools also help in boosting security and privacy for the entire marketing tasks and initiatives. Since content marketing campaigns often become victims of data breaches, predicting security vulnerabilities and accordingly predicting the right strategy became extremely important. In the United States in 2018 alone, there were a massive 1.2 billion data breaches. 

Apart from the role of AI in automating many content marketing tasks and bringing various changes in the content strategies in a timely and effective fashion, AI-powered tools also help the way content marketing algorithms work, and the data are safeguarded in the process. Since user contribution is increasingly becoming crucial for content strategy in many platforms, the use of AI for safeguarding user information has become the new normal for the marketers.

AI improving content writing quality

Artificial intelligence (AI), apart from helping marketers to create and publish content automatically by utilizing algorithms, they are also helping content creators to improve content quality. AI-powered tools with the help of a host of technologies such as Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can transform the computer-generated information into structurally written narratives. 

Moreover, the tools that were traditionally used for proofreading, checking grammar mistakes and helping authors to write better sentences and syntaxes, have now become more powerful and equipped thanks to AI capability. Those days are not very far when AI-based tools will be able to write well-articulated and fully proofread content and replace the traditional content writers.

AI-Powered Content Marketing Applications

Now that we have explained the role of AI for content marketing and publication, it is important to take note of some of the leading content marketing and content creation applications powered with AI technology. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most impressive AI-powered tools that content marketers across the niches can find useful and effective. 


BrightEdge which is already a leading player in SEO and content marketing now comes with an intelligent integrated solution comprising various features for the discovery of user intent, content creation, and performance measurement. By using AI, the tool finds what users are searching for and the intents behind their searches.


This is another globally acclaimed AI-powered tool to help marketers know topics for driving engagement and the next topic in line. This AI-powered Content Strategy Platform comes with the ability to automate content audits, content topic research, content promotion, and performance tracking.


Crayon is a  machine learning-based tool to help content marketers with competitive intelligence about what others in the business are doing. Based on competitive intelligence, the tool suggests creating content that can gain quick traction and steady engagement. The tool can analyze the way competitor websites change over time, and accordingly, can draw effective insights about effective targeting, messaging and content strategy. 


PathFactory is another sophisticated AI-powered tool that focuses on hyper personalizing the user journey in the B2B websites and apps. The content insight generated by the app helps business users to evaluate the interaction paths created by their digital content, and accordingly, helps them by providing the most relevant and useful content recommendations to drive engagement.


Finally, AI-powered content marketing is no longer a possibility of the future. It has become the most robust and definitive trend in the field of content marketing. Undoubtedly, it is going to enjoy the lead as an innovative and unique approach to content marketing success.  

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