What is the Ideal Modern Digital Marketing Team?

If you are heading the marketing department of your organization or company’s programming, products or services, then you must know one thing – the ‘balancing act’. People shift along with their roles. And to figure out what makes ideal and successful marketing takes months. It becomes more complicated when your company is expanding its offerings constantly.

Team organization can be a juggling activity to straighten out your team logically. The entire available skill sets covering your marketing must act excellently.  

We have found the solution for you as to how to keep up with time and be a successful digital marketer.

As we know, the marketing industry has changed remarkably over the last few years. In order to remain competitive, the modern business crew must have a trait of adaptability.

Below are some aspects that depict how to compose a perfect digital marketing team for your organization:

Find Full-Stack Marketer

Full-stack has turned out to be the successful new digital commerce crew. It all kicks in with your team shape.

The generalist model and the specialist model are inefficient when they work independently. A team full of specialists in one area will feel challenging to communicate with each other. That will ultimately restrict the company. Similarly, the team of generalists who carry no specializations will not be successful in any particular area.

The two have to go side by side as a hybrid mechanism, in order to achieve full capacity and peak efficiency.

3 Kinds of Marketing Teams

So, when you have a glance at your marketing team, you need to make a decision. The decision to ensure the type of squad that best fulfils your needs.

The modern digital marketing team can be categorized into three structures. In-house, outsourced and hybrid marketing team. Each marketing structure has unique pros and cons. Click To Tweet

In-house Marketing Structure

Until 2015, digital marketers were all for an in-house marketing structure. Pros for the in-house model include a focus on the organization’s mission and an in-depth understanding of the customer and brand journey. Members of the team also have direct access to each other and are capable of implementing changes briskly.

However, if you are in a process to build an in-house marketing team, then you’ll have to invest in training – meaning ongoing cost.

The Outsourced Marketing Structure

In a complete outsourced squad, companies reap the benefits of accessing seasoned professionals in the absence of training costs.

These freelance agencies or teams can also work with other customers and have a better idea of what is working in the industry and what is not. The knowledge can be shared via your business for optimizing your processes or save you money and time.

While there is a flip side, working with the external agency means you have limited time and focus. Your control over them is restricted.

The Hybrid Team Model

Finally, there is a hybrid marketing squad, which most of the companies are preferring these days. In a hybrid marketing model, your organization has the ability to access both the outsourced and the in-house teams. You enable yourself to provide customers with a full or all-round service.

Modern Digital Marketing Team Structure

The model of the modern marketing team is all about roles and responsibilities, rather than job titles.

Beginning with the top, the head of digital marketing has the responsibility of devising an overall marketing strategy. The strategy includes budget allocation, journey design, personas, and team management. The individual in your marketing head role must be the ultimate generalist.

From the head of digital marketing, the structure splits into three separate branches: acquisition, monetization, and marketing operations.


There are two kinds of acquisition; paid and organic.

An organic acquisition squad is responsible for content search, creation, creative and social while a paid acquisition is all about content produced by the organic branch.

Responsibilities of both the above are based upon acquisition strategy, analytics, creative, channel management and optimization.


Monetization also has two branches: retention and promotion.

A promotional squad has the responsibility for copywriting, promo creation, email marketing, and optimization. On the flip side, retention means individual members are focusing on user research, analytics, campaign creation, and product marketing. Bear in mind, marketing does not get halted once the lead is converted into a sale.

Marketing Operations

Team members of the marketing operations should be well-equipped with a holistic knowledge regarding company ecosystem. Ecosystem starts from the customer journey, and it passes through system integration and analytics. It finally ends on optimization. The comprehensive expertise allows the developer to understand what and why they are creating and how the digital product will operate within the company.

Ever-Evolving Skillsets for a Team of Digital Marketing

It is tough for professionals in a marketing team to be generalists anymore. Besides business knowledge base or a communications theory, here is a list (non-exhaustive) of concepts modern digital marketing bunch is expected to know to perform their job effectively:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Business writing
  • Understanding market requirements
  • Solution messaging
  • Data analytics
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion funnels
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid traffic
  • Social media

Wrap Up

As marketing tactics evolve, there will always be a need for ‘conventional’ marketing skills such as buyer’s understanding together with a need for more modern skills like a dynamic marketing campaign. A few skills like social media marketing will be considered as “traditional” as time goes on. No matter the changes in the toolbox for marketing, the one critical tool that will define your marketing team’s success is clearly defined roles. Organize your digital marketing team effectively using the above structures, and you will have an excellent chance of achieving your digital marketing objectives.

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