4 things you should know about Amazon before you even start

Are you ready to sell your products on Amazon? Think again.

If you have just decided to move to the popular ecommerce platform, don’t move before you read this. You need to have a solid plan before moving and spending your time and money. Even Amazon sold books when it first started, but they had a plan.

Today, Amazon is the biggie in the world of online shopping, smooth logistics, easy payments, and customer retention.

Are you willing to create something new while using the ecommerce giant or join the queue of people who had no research?

If you’re an existing seller with a set of products, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you making each customer happy?
  • Will the customer come back only to your store?
  • How can you boost your service to attract more customers?

If you are a new seller hoping to start with Amazon, remember these tips

  • You must be strapped to deal with the pace of Amazon, don’t be mediocre
  • Make a clear plan for the first 6 months, then the next 6 months

Let’s take you through the following steps,

Position yourself for the coveted ‘Buy Box.”

All merchants covet amazon’s Buy Box listing. Out of total sales on Amazon, Buy Box listings get 90% sales. Having this listing can be a game-changer for any business. This makes the listing extremely competitive.

Amazon takes several factors into account when deciding which merchant should get the listing. You have to make yourself look like the best seller out of all the sellers who have listed the product on Amazon. Amazon gives great importance to customer reviews.

Having great customer reviews and quickly resolving bad reviews is a great way to look good on amazon. Click To Tweet A lot of coaches for Amazon will recommend that.

Being an old merchant on Amazon and pricing your product competitively also helps. Your chances of getting the buy box listing drop drastically if your product is more expensive than competitors.

Amazon shipping charges are not always wholly accurate

Amazon calculates estimated shipping charges based on various factors like your location, buyer’s location, and product weight plus product dimensions. These charges may not always be completely accurate. As a merchant, you must input precise weight and dimensions for your product.

Providing precise and complete details increases the likelihood of the shipping charges being close to actual charges. Still, there is a likelihood the shipping charges Amazon adds are lower than your actual costs. This is where you start exploring other options like increasing your product price to make up for the difference. Next, you gear up to Building a Brand on Amazon.

Focus on customer reviews

On ecommerce, customer reviews are everything. Amazon is no different. They sell 12 million products each year.

If you want your product listing to be shown higher, focus on getting more positive customer reviews. Set up seamless quality control and logistics system.

Aim to deliver every order with 100% accuracy and exceed customer expectations. Once an order is successfully fulfilled, request the customer to give you a positive review on Amazon.

A high number of positive reviews look not only good to Amazon but also to potential customers who visit your product page or merchant profile. It is imperative only to get genuine customer reviews.

Fake or paid reviews can get your merchant account suspended.

Act fast!

Just like technology, Amazon keeps changing its platform rapidly. The company does not wait for a month to adopt new tech; they move it! Their Prime membership has 95 million signups alone.

The truth behind making these changing fast is to make entry harder. If you are not equipped with the latest trends, you can lose out.

For example, Amazon has changed the personal care section from unrestricted to restrict now. It is one of the many decisions they take that can affect your selling ambitions.

So, if you had signed on Amazon before the category became restricted, you could have been on Amazon. The lesson here is to start as soon as you can and keep learning as you go.

Each ecommerce company learns both about selling and good technology while being online. These restrictions and rules are to shake away illegitimate sellers and keep the business easy for valuable brands. So, get to work!

Last word

One of the best identifiers of Amazon’s success is low prices. The platform boasts such low prices with easy delivery charges that one can’t move away. It may dent your inventory/wallet to do this, but the customers will swarm to your site every time.

One thing the ecommerce giant has mastered for over 20 years is not to give up. They will keep putting low prices, present good service, and put customers on the front. They do not fear losses but do fear losing clients. When you move away from the market logic, you will do wonders as well!

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