Digital Trends – What SMBs need to know in 2020

The digital transformation that we are witnessing brings about a complete remodeling of all aspects of a company as well as its strategy. It is a must for all companies.

Indeed, the digital invades our daily life at an accelerated pace. Digital channels are multiplying and their uses are increasing, disrupting the business models and the organization of the company. The digital transformation has thus shifted from a trend status to a central element of modern corporate strategy .

Here are some digital trends that may happen in 2020-

Adaptation, vital for the company

The change will happen. Whether companies want it or not, it’s inevitable.

The challenge for them will then be adapting to this new market and incorporating these new technologies into the company culture.

The growing importance of the user / customer experience

The Customer Experience can be defined as the cumulative feeling of the consumers as a result of interactions with a company, represented by its employees, products, stores, websites, marketing campaigns, values, customer service centers etc. This includes all points of contact, before, during and after the act of purchase.

Today, wherever we are, interaction with companies is possible. It is during these interactions that organizations must make every effort to establish a relationship of trust with their customers.

In a society where consumers are more and more cautious, and some do not hesitate to turn away from brands that do not share the same values, the customer experience becomes a great way to retain and maintain them. Of course, the more positive and quality the experience, the more the consumer will be involved with the brand.

The programming interface (API): the secret weapon of a true digital / digital transformation

To schematize, we can say that the Application Programming Interface (API) creates a common language for dialogue and exchange of data between application A and application B, which, however, are not programmed in the same language or physically in the same place. In short, they are an effective way to communicate two applications together.

The APIs will provide a fast and flexible ecosystem, allowing to link multiple platforms. Some companies will certainly be tempted to resist this change to avoid sharing the slice of the cake, but for companies looking to deploy the technology and create the best user experience, it is often necessary to use multiple vendors.

Big Data and Analytical Processing: Cornerstone of Business Operations

We know there is a tremendous amount of valuable data flowing through our planet. We also understand that these Big Data are becoming more important in the business world, but few companies know how to optimize their use.

This is where analytic processing comes in. In fact, it helps to drive the company by highlighting how customers think, their wishes, and the positioning of the brand on the market. In the age of digital transformation , almost anything can be measured, and this will greatly help to guide the way companies operate. Click To Tweet Every important decision can and must be supported by the application of data and analysis .

Internet Driven Digital Transformation of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way things are done in everyday life, and helps to create more efficient cities and businesses. With around 50 billion connected object sensors by 2020 and more than 200 billion in 2030, there is no doubt that IoT will disrupt current / traditional business models.

To know about Digital Trends- What SMBs need to know in 2020, read the below infographic from Maiden Stride.

Digital Trends

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