SEO Tools: Improving Your Relationships with Marketing

With a million and one ways to improve your marketing experience, digital marketing no longer has to be that tough, tasking, unproductive part of your job. You can improve your relationships with marketing simply by playing around with the right digital tools. 

Effective SEO Tools

If you are looking to significantly improve your marketing forte, having the right SEO tools would make your work so much easier. Seeing as there are so many SEO tools being shoved in our faces daily, we took the time to select some of the absolute best to ensure that subsequently, you get the finest results. Here we go:


This is one of the SEO tools that kept popping up on the radar. This SEO marketing tool helps you to analyze your content along with your competition using a keyword database and some other analysis tools.

One of its biggest benefits is that you can see what rankings your competitors are on. You can also make use of its Topic Research tools to help you develop purposeful and search optimized content. This way, your content is given the boost it needs to generate enough traffic.


This SEO tool has two versions, the paid and free version. Both versions are beneficial and can significantly improve your marketing experience. Where SEMrush has its stronghold in keyword analysis, Ahrefs works best in analyzing your backlinks. It helps to keep track of backlinks as well as keywords and other marketing essentials.

Ahrefs helps you to find the searchable keyword gaps in your web content, how well you are doing in comparison to your competition and some insight on how you can improve your digital marketing.

Google Analytics

This tool is also great for your marketing campaign. It helps to keep track of almost every area of marketing. But most pertinent, is that it tracks your traffic, then also helps you decide whether your campaign is working by allowing metrics comparison at different times. It then goes further to help to speculate whether there would be an increase or decrease in certain metrics.

Google Analytics tracks user behavior by helping to collect information on how they interact with your site via placing cookies in their browsers. Proper deployment of all these features will lead to effective conversions in record time.

Screaming Frog

This tool needs to be installed on your device to be able to access it. It can be used for free or upgraded to a paid version for more features. It works by crawling your CSS, images, website links, apps, and others, to detect the possible issues you may have with your page. 

To improve your SEO, you need to make use of one of its important tools, The Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer. It can be used to scan, analyse and get insight on your links and link profile. It shows how search engines view your site and suggest possible ways it can be improved. 

Keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can never be underestimated. This SEO tool ensures that you get the best benefits of your keywords in your content. It scours Google Autosuggest results and produces a list of the most effective keywords in their long forms. It is effective for building ‘niche sites’, and this is one reason why the tool is quality for marketers. The long-tail keywords it produces can scarcely be found on other SEO tools. It also has both free and paid versions where the free version offers only a limited keyword search accessibility.


This tool helps you to cut costs in many ways. Aside from being a link managing tool, it also serves as a Digital PR tool. As a marketer, you can improve your link building, as well as easily collaborate with other teams in securing your authority links. It also considerably helps you to reach influencers swiftly and create and manage strong relationships with them. You simply have to use this tool properly and soon after start reaching to influential people to boost your site credibility.

Keywords Everywhere

Allow this tool to improve your ‘searchability’ by making the most of the insight it generates you. It gathers insight on Google keyword search volume, their Cost Per Click (CPC) as well as data on your competitors. You can easily generate long-tail keywords using accurate information from many websites for free. Not just that, it works seamlessly as an add-on extension, available in Chrome and Firefox. This vastly will help to reduce the back-and-forth dance between apps that most digital marketers face.


This site is acclaimed to have one of the largest link index databases in the world. As a digital marketer, you may want to take advantage of that. It allows you to explore links in a detailed, insightful way and also helps you to determine backlinks and measure your search score. It helps to effectively research your competitor, the links you should visit (or not) for acquiring links, and then the limitations to your content and how they can be improved. It is quite a great tool for link building.

Goal-driven marketing will take your business to the next level

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Now that you have been armed with an arsenal of the right tools to improve your marketing skills, all you need to do is to learn how to put them to good use. Watch out for the impressive turnaround of your brand and start raking in awesome traffic and conversions!

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