Underrated Link Building Tactics that Work Surprisingly Well

Now that the world and its ways have gone digital, driving traffic to your site will allow you to remain relevant in your industry. 

Link building is one of the most powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tools you can utilize. Similar to an optimized keyword strategy, making good use of it will allow your site to attain a higher ranking in a search engine’s results page (SERPs).

As of today, link builders make use of common practices such as guest posting, broken link building, and the skyscraper technique to build high-quality backlinks.

Guest posting is when you publish a piece of content on a site with high domain authority. Broken link building is where you help other pages fix broken links by providing better alternatives. Lastly, the skyscraper technique is when you improve an old piece of content that already has a number of credible links. 

These practices have stood the test of time and have proven to be effective methods in SEO. However, link builders have saturated these practices to a point that website owners and influencers are no longer eager to receive outreach emails.

This is an indication that digital marketers and SEO specialists must find new and creative ways to build links.

Changes in the field can be unpredictable. The tactics mentioned above will continue to be productive until a development similar to the penguin update reduces its overall effectivity. If you want to establish your online authority the right way, you need to make a conscious effort to enhance your link building strategy.

Think outside the box. As practitioners, it’s always a good idea to experiment and combine different methods. And like all digital marketing strategies, the best way to attain results is to make use of the tactics that work best for your site.

Take your SEO to the next level. Here are some underrated link building tactics that you should try today.

underrated link building tactics infographic

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