How Accelerated Mobile Page Can Improve Your Website Performance

Every website owner is looking for critical manners for the best customer experience. With the evolution in the digital market, rapid use in mobile devices is seen.

According to recent statistics:

  • The global mobile population will reach 2.87 billion until 2020.  
  • 57% of the customers demand the website to be more mobile-friendly, and if it is not, then they will leave the site.

A considerable percentage of the audience is using mobile devices for accessing websites. But a fast loading website and a smooth experience have a significant role to play. Indeed, users do not like to stay on that landing page which is taking more than 2 seconds to load. Doing so assures high search engine ranking. 

It is now clear that mobile-friendliness is playing a significant role in ranking in Google search engines. Therefore, to give a high-performance level for mobile users, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has been introduced by Google. Two years have passed that Google has launched AMP. 

It would be interesting how much AMP has amplified the market since then. Check out the below figures that will show you the market raise as of AMP:

  • Every second, AMP pages are created
  • Till date, 2 billion AMP pages are designed
  • It becomes social in China-QQ and Weibo 
  • Large enterprises, such as AliExpress has decreased the load time by using AMP. 27% of enhancement in conversion rate, 36% reduction in load time and 10.5% amplification in orders is noticed.
  • 900,000 domains are using accelerated mobile pages.
  • 1000+ AMP articles are regularly publishing.
  • An improvement of 88% in page loading is seen. 
AMP is designed as an open-source platform so that it can intensify the mobile-ecosystem. It is a subdued version of HTML that helps the pages to load quickly. AMP has the ability to load content before advertisements. Click To Tweet

With AMP, you can improve user experience and can quickly enhance the websites visibility. We are here to give you the benefits that AMP can provide you to improve your websites. Read below.

Improve Website Performance with Accelerated Mobile Pages

#1. Search Engine Optimization

AMP does not demand any customization of the website content. It makes the discovery of search engines easier. That only implies that AMP can boost search engine optimization efficiently and effectively.

#2. Lessens Website Loading Time

Now, it is clear that the main aim of AMP’s is to lessen the loading time of either website or content. So, it is sure that integrating this approach will load your page in no time, which not only improve your website performance but simultaneously enhances your business growth. 

#3. Reduction in Bounce Rate

If your website takes less time to load, then visitors will not leave and jump to any other website to search. Therefore, it clarifies that with less page loading time (two seconds), the bounce rate of the site will also get reduced.

#4. No Sitemap is Required

After establishing the AMPs of the website, it is not required to create an XML sitemap of URLs. Google with pick the sitemaps by itself. 

#5. Web Browser Adjustment

AMP does not necessitate any customization of the content, and improves the website pages’ compatibility. It automatically changes the web page according to the type of the browser.

#6. Data consumption optimization

The other significant thing that makes AMP different from others is that it permits the user to install the application on the website. You do not need to access the app store to do the needful.

#7. Mobile-Friendliness 

Using AMPs makes it simple for you to use the website on all devices. It is mandated that every web page should be accessible on all handheld devices. Therefore, use AMP to have more productive results. 

#8. Tracking Become Easier

AMP is now a tool for tracking the user’s behavior so that they can understand where the efforts have to make.  It simplifies the process and gives an idea of what type of content the visitors are interested in. With AMP, you can track the link visits, page visits, etc. 

Concluding Remarks

The future is AMP. It has become the best way to optimize the website on mobile devices. Enrich your user-experience and give enormous benefits to your business. AMP is an outstanding ranking factor and is the most reliable way to enhance the UX of your website. 

You can implement it when you desire to improve the performance of your website on mobile pages. It’s worth the time and effort. So, what are you waiting for? Implement it today!!

We hope you liked this article. If there are any queries and suggestions, then let us know in the comment section below. Your one comment will be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading!!

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