4 Reasons Your Marketing Should Reflect Your Company Values

Very few entrepreneurs start their business without some kind of vision. This could be a very simple set of goals they want to achieve, such as specific milestones of financial success or a certain number of employees on their payroll. However, there comes a time when each business needs to create a new vision: one which reflects how they want the company to be represented to customers, employees, and the marketplace. 

The creation of these values requires careful consideration, taking into account concepts such as conscious capitalism or social responsibility. There’s no shame in seeking out guidance on creating a set of ethical, effective, and clear values on which to continue building your reputation. After all, these values should be the heart of your business — not something to be taken lightly. 

Once these values are finalized, the next step is communicating them effectively to the masses. Your marketing strategy always needs to be in line with these ideals. Do this correctly and you’ll find that it can have a profound effect on the success of your endeavors. 

1. Bolstering Your Reputation for Authenticity

All your relationships — whether with your customers, suppliers, employees, or even competitors — must be built on trust. Consumers today have a tendency to hold very little faith in businesses, particularly large corporations. Therefore, aside from the ethical reasons, it is in your best entrepreneurial interest to proudly exhibit your authenticity at all times. 

Your marketing needs to be true to your company’s values. Wherever possible, be transparent during your advertising efforts. Show your customers precisely what goes on behind the scenes of your company and introduce them to the key players. Be open about what your aims are and how those at the receiving end of your marketing are an important part of your vision.

When it comes to showing the marketplace that you have a commitment to authenticity, your marketing must always be consistent with your practices. If you claim to be carbon conscious, yet act in an environmentally destructive manner, you leave little reason for your customers to trust you. If you do practice what you preach, with practices like proper document management

be clear how that fits with your mission, celebrate it in your marketing, and act accordingly.

2. Building a Positive Company Narrative

A strong brand isn’t about finding the right logo or catchy slogan. No matter how many social media influencers claim to be creating a “brand” by hashtagging their name ad nauseum, it should never be that superficial. Instead, get used to the idea that crafting an effective brand is about storytelling.  

One of the most important tools in curating your company’s narrative is effectively establishing and reinforcing your values. Click To Tweet It’s an intricate process, but you can create incredible marketing content by taking people on a journey into the core of your mission. Mapping out your customers’ journey with your brand can be an effective strategy for identifying gaps where these values can be reinforced. In short, build your brand by using what is important to you.

By basing your marketing on your values, you also make it easier for customers to identify you as a company that they’re interested in. They can see that your goals and practices are in line with their personal lifestyle choices, and this in turn can inspire loyalty. Your brand is not merely the clothes your company wears; it’s an expression of its heart. 

3. Maintaining a Personal Connection

Marketing is more than an opportunity for your company to showcase its wares. For many customers, whether they’re direct consumers or other businesses, the concept of being marketed to can even feel disingenuous. Don’t be afraid to get personal with your audience by using your company values as a tool. 

A business is filled with people you care about who can be inspired. By being open about your values, you can create content that exhibits the human side of your business. When you create material that is motivational and thought-provoking, you are showing that you offer more than just the sale of services. 

Feature staff members in vlogs and have them talk about they ways in which your values fit into the day-to-day process of their activities. Post nuggets of wisdom on social media. Talk about your failures and how your values have helped to turn them into useful learning experiences. Give your audience a reason to care about your mission and your company. 

4. Giving Employees a Reason to Commit to Your Company

Your employees are invested in your company. They may even give more of themselves to your business than they do to aspects of their personal lives. Click To TweetThese people, who make a daily commitment to produce quality work for you, deserve to be represented by a set of company values they can be proud of.

This can start internally, with the creation of a value statement. It’s certainly beneficial if you include them, or a team of their representatives, in the crafting of this statement. But going further, by tying your internal and external marketing to these values, shows a commitment to them. 

Whenever you produce an element of marketing content, employees feel as though this is reflective of them as representatives of the company. Involve all of them, not just the marketing team, in both the design of your marketing and creation of the content. These go hand-in-hand, and employees notice when marketing is genuine, inspiring, and reflective of their beliefs.  Continuing to show the world the company in this authentic light reassures employees that their talents and continued commitment are well invested. 

Represent Your Values and Build a Healthier Business

There’s no doubt that creating a set of values in business and developing a mission are important. The key to your success is making those values mean something. Your approach to marketing is the loudspeaker through which your values can best be distributed, whether this is to the masses or to each individual you connect with on a personal basis.

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