Smart Ways to Optimize Lead Generation Engine

 A lead can be defined as a contact – whether a person or an organization, which has expressed interest in the products or services of any given company. When a company collects or generates leads, it has already overpassed the two sales steps that are prospecting and cold calling. By skipping these two vigorous steps, the company can directly proceed with a warm call to the lead.

Lead generation can be termed as the way a company engages users to share their details and contact information when they use a company’s website or content. It’s a marketing approach to compile leads. It emphasizes methods to engage people in the products and services of that company.

Importance Of lead generation engine

With advancements in technology and marketing strategies, the sales cycle has transformed in comparison to traditional marketing. This accentuates the marketers to think of new ways to approach customers. There are various modern marketing aspects such as video marketing which can leverage the power of multimedia to bring more business for the company. Similarly, lead generation can play a vital role in the growth of a business and increase views of its site.  

SEO for lead generation engine

The internet has a growing rate of more than 11 users per second, which becomes 1 million new users each day. Internet users now make up more than 55% of the world population. These stats reflect the immense growth of the internet. Marketers need to leverage SEO benefits for lead generation as getting the attention of users is the key to success.

“Optimization for lead generation engine can be swift and convenient with a decisive approach,” says Mark Benson, head of research department at Crowd Writer. It may not be as easy as “hitting the subscribe button,” and start generating leads. Designers and marketers have to create a conclusive yet comprehensive strategy. 

12 SEO Techniques to Optimize Your Blog Strategy

Here, some smart ways are listed to optimize lead generation engine:

1. Continuous blogging

This is the first and most significant aspect to leverage SEO for lead generation engine. The company needs to continuously create a range of different content such as blog series, how-to guides, and round-ups that can educate the customers. With consistent addition of value, the company can conveniently engage new customers resulting in lead generation.

Another major benefit for regular blogging is that it urges one-time visitors to visit the site on a regular basis to check updated content. They subscribe to services such as newsletter which turns them into potential buyers, and helps the company in  increasing their productivity.

2. Lead performance measurement

Key performance indicator (KPI) is used to evaluate the performance of employees. This concept can be applied to evaluate the performance of lead generators. This will assess each of the existing lead generators on how they are contributing to the site. It provides feedback about lead generation sources (such as landing pages and CTAs) regarding ways to improve them for better SEO.

Another approach of this aspect is by comparing landing pages – ones which are giving a good result with ones which are not performing well. For instance, a page which derived 100 visitors to submit their details will be ranked higher as another page which obtained only 10 submissions.

3. Use of CTA approach

CTA (call to action) approach urges users to inquire more information about the product by contacting the site address. It begins to funnel-in potential customers and guiding them through the complete sales journey. The importance of CTA on the homepage is vital as it keeps the attention of the user and transforms it into a potential lead.

A customer responding to CTA shows intent to build a business relationship. It may start with basic queries which will lead to successful transactions. Click To Tweet One thing to be considered is not to go beyond the limit while adding CTAs to the site. A few of them on multiple pages are more than enough to keep users intact.

4. Influence of social media

There are 2 billion social media users worldwide. This is a gigantic number, and by using this phenomenal platform, companies can optimize their lead generation engine. Through social media networks, customers are more exposed to products and services which can bring out more leads than ever before. 

Social media activities such as running a business account on Instagram can play a pivotal role in creating new markets and bringing in new customers. In general, social media is considered a tool for branding and advertising, but it also expands the network among various marketplaces to generate potential leads.

5. Use Interest-Based Targeting

This aspect emphasizes the importance of targeting customers based on their interest so that they can provide their contact details. Let’s understand it with a simple example; addressing a person with a medical background for sports goods may not be a fruitful idea.

When a person or organization shows interest in the product or service of a company, they are more inclined to give positive and decisive response to the offers. They are no stranger to that product or service, and already have basic knowledge about that company through their website. Thus, the company needs to focus on the target market according to the services they offer to generate potential leads.

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