6 Tips to Maximize the Impact of Handwritten Notes

In the modern business world where online marketing is fast gaining influence, connection with clients is increasing critical sales. The stiff competition in business makes it necessary for each company to go the extra mile in strategizing how to dominate the market. Evidence has revealed that personally communicating with clients and prospects builds a successful business.

Handwritten cards have proved to do the trick in enhancing personal communication. In e-commerce, modern companies use cards to appreciate their clients for accepting to do business with them. Appreciation of customers makes them feel like part of the company, helping a business to retain and acquire new clients.

In the past, the process of writing cards was not only tedious but also time-consuming. However, technology has brought revolution to the process, making it easy. These tips will help you as you write and send handwritten notes to increase your return on revenue. 

1. The message should be brief and attractive

People are increasingly becoming impatient with the world. They like it if you hit the nail on the head. One mistake that you can make is writing a long note. A few lines are enough to show appreciation and bring a client back to you. Keep the message short and simple. For example, you can say, “Hey Luke, thank you for doing business with us. It was an honor to serve you! We hope you enjoyed our services, and we are looking forward to serving you even better in the future!”

2. Make the client have a memory about the card

The process of sending a handwritten card to a client is an appreciation gesture. You can also use it as an avenue of creating a lasting memory to the customer. Click To Tweet How can you achieve this? You need to attach gifts as samples of other products that your business offers. Product stickers can also increase a client’s desire to taste the product on offer. Attach something which will give the customer desire to visit your company in the future.

3. Personalize the Note for the client

Everybody likes recognition, especially when it is coming from a reputable source. Imagine you were a client and you bought a product from a giant global company like Amazon. Later, you receive a note addressing you by your name from Amazon, thanking you for having chosen to shop there. It will make your day, and you will probably tell a friend about it! That is precisely how your clients will feel after receiving handwritten cards addressing them by their names. Although most companies prefer generic messages when preparing handwritten cards, using a customized text for a particular client is better. Let your clients feel that the message was meant for them.  

4. Insert your contact information on the business card

Don’t increase the length of the card by explaining more about yourself or the company. It will push the client away, and you will not attain the card’s initial objective.

Give the client an open channel to ask you questions or seek clarifications concerning the products you offer. Although it is not mandatory, you can insert your phone number, email address. Insert other channels that the client can reach the business in case of need. Alternatively, you can draft an attractive business card and send it together with the handwritten card. Remember, the first impression is vital in the marketing world. If you can use a high-end business card to grab the attention of your customers, you will retain them.

 5. Use light and humorous tone

Your customers are not expecting the handwritten card you are sending them. It is an extraordinary way of appreciating them. Since you haven’t timed when they will receive it, you can go a mile to plant a smile on their face.

The client will be excited to receive the card from you. Reinforce it by using a language that will make one laugh. For example, you can begin your card by the following words. “Hey, {name}, this is not that wedding card which you have been waiting for but…” this will sound fun, especially if the client has not looked forward to any wedding.

6. Wish your customer happy festive season or holidays

Nothing gives one satisfaction like having a feeling that someone is thinking about them. You can nurture a personal relationship with your clients using beautiful handwritten cards. Send them a card to appreciate them and wish them a happy festive season. They will be glad that your company is remembering them during the festive season. Making an effort to show them that someone appreciates them with a card will boost their morale and solidify your company’s image in their minds. Such cards will put your business ahead of your competitors by making clients feel at home when doing business with you. 


The goal of every business is to retain its clients and convert leads to increase client base. E-commerce favors fast marketing strategies pushing companies to the edge of coming up with working marketing strategies to thrive in the industry. Click To Tweet Handwritten notes will play a crucial role in boosting your business’s revenue. Follow the right tips when sending them to clients, and you will have more customers having a desire to buy your products. Give your cards a unique feature that others are not providing in the industry. Sending cards to your clients will help your business to succeed. 

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    Kimberly Clark