Facebook is changing Ad format: Have you noticed?

Are you a social media marketer or an influencer? Well, you must be aware of the Facebook advertisement campaigns that are detecting ad fatigue issues. The problem does not involve who you are or how much you are spending on Facebook ads because the algorithm works the same for everyone.

You must be wondering what is ad fatigue? While surfing or scrolling down facebook, you must have watched the same advertisement on a repetitive basis. This leads to irritation, and gradually, the audience becomes less responsive to such ads; this reaction is noted as ad fatigue. So, how do you resolve the matter? Are there any steps to be implemented for overcoming the situation?

Here, in this article, we will be looking at a few hacks to discover the use of a Facebook ad campaign for improving the ad performance. Let us begin with the simple terms.

How do you Spot an Ad Fatigue?

Ad fatigue is generally observed by analyzing the ad frequency along with the changes in your results and cost per result. Click To Tweet For instance – if your frequency is higher than 3, and your overall results are decreasing past a week, this will lead to an increase in your cost per result. You may find a gradual increase in CPM along with the quality score and conversion score.

After you have identified all of your campaigns and ads that are negatively resulting in ad fatigue, you can simply implement some tips and tricks to make changes in your Facebook ad campaigns.

Opt for the Creative Facebook Ad

For the very first time, Facebook has been taking charge to update your advertisements by making them look more creative. Creativity is indulged in the ad format including the images or videos at the core of your ad as this is what catches the attention of your audience. You can try to create a new ad in the carousel format or using the video format if you are making use of a single image format and vice versa. By making updates to the images or videos in your ads, you can bring something new to your audiences.

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Re-designed Ads Manager

The Ads Manager interface has been redesigned to encompass a few facets which consist of new navigation experience, an integrated search, and filter function along with a dynamic action bar. The classified ads advertising campaign has all set their tabs in a horizontal style for the modern-day version that will permit customers to cross to the left of the table to a navigational sidebar. The new version also allows you to see your campaigns by setting ads within a single table to get a clear context without any need to switch your tabs. Also, a side-by-side view helps you to engage with the fundamental internet page and view charts or even edit them. This will change the collapsible enhancing and reporting aspect pane.

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The combined filter and search bar allows you to make use of search terms or filters for identifying ads, ad sets and campaigns. The action bar where you can create a new ad now displays the most relevant and multiple used actions by hiding those extra ones in a drop-down menu. When speaking about the Business Manager, Facebook has simplified flow modifying and introduction flows for creating a greater intuitive experience. Changes in input fields like the text have been reorganized into categories. The Media section allows you to design creative and visible options. All of the Ad placement reviews can be accessed from a clickable sidebar and they are very easy to edit with the help of a contextual placement editor entry point.

Business Manager admins can organize Facebook assets logically like advert accounts, Pages, pixels and plenty more. Furthermore, you can also organize your shared assets by clients and assign multiple people to maintain and manage the work relevant assets. The latest feature incorporated in Business Manager is by introducing an onboard partner which is specially designed for the agencies and Facebook Marketing Partners. You can onboard new purchasers with Business Manager to test all of your partners, alongside with any shared assets, set up new associate permission with the assist of a single request and acquire access to the belongings as per the needs.

Sum Up

Here, we come to the end of the article. We hope you have gained extra information about the quick new features introduced by Facebook Ads Manager. Try out these new features and get amazed by the results. Till then – keep learning!

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