How to Embed Facebook feed on website & its benefits?

Facebook is the oldest yet most popular social media platform out there with 2.38 billion monthly active users which is over 30% of the world’s population and around 66% of it i.e. 1.56 billion people are daily active users.

Facebook has evolved tremendously from being a gaming app among friends to messaging, and now it serves immeasurable purposes like communications and interactions, information-sharing, visual content sharing, marketing, shopping and many more for both businesses and consumers. 

With these possibilities, it is essential to understand how you and your business can benefit from this. So, we have explained this to you here. 

Embed Facebook feed

Embedding Facebook means that besides promoting your business on Facebook you can also link it to your website to make your marketing strategy more effective and efficient.

Embedding Facebook feed on your website allows you to bridge the gap between the huge social audience and your business to generate more leads and conversions by adding a social side to your website and enhancing engagement and attraction opportunities.

And embedding it is easy and simple and does not require and technical expertise. And for your ease, we have listed a few ways through which you can embed Facebook feed on your website.

So, let’s continue

1. Create a Facebook feed wall

Embedding a Facebook feed wall is the most effective, creative and interactive way to harness the benefits from Facebook to your website. Click To Tweet It is predominantly done through a multi-purpose social media aggregator. 

This will allow you to aggregate all the relevant posts and updates from Facebook into one unified feed and display it on your website. And these aggregators operate in real-time so you can post updates, news, or advancements instantly.

Further, the aggregator tool lets you customize and moderate the wall so that you can make it more creative, user-friendly, control content quality, personalization, and stylize according to your business or website theme.

2. Facebook’s post embedding

Facebook has its own embedding option to embed the posts from Facebook to your website. All you need to do is go to the options menu of a post and select ‘embed post’ or ‘embed video’ from there.

It will give you a code that you can paste in the backend of your website depending upon where on your website you want to display the post and save it. Tada! You have a post feed on your website.

It is the easiest and simplest way to embed feed but has its limitations, as there is not much customization or moderation option available.

3. Use a Plugin or Widget

Plugins, widgets, and buttons are also a great way to embed Facebook feed onto your website. There are various third-party plugins and widgets available but wait you have security and performance concerns. 

Facebook has got you covered. 

Facebook has its own social Plugins and buttons for a page, group, post, like, share, quote and a few more. It is also fairly simple and interactive with a variety of feed options.

These plugins and buttons help your users to like, share, and comment without leaving your websites. Besides, Third-party plugins offer extended customizations as well for better performance and suitability. 

Now, let’s explore why even the minimal hassle of embedding Facebook feed on your website is worth it. 

So, we have listed some crucial benefits on why to embed facebook feed on the website.

1. Reach Extension

As a business, extending reach and awareness is a consistent struggle. But by embedding the feed you can create a bridge between the social media and your website.

This will open the consumer flow to your websites and with enhanced awareness and reach, more and more visitors will come to your website and will increase the conversion opportunities for your business.

2. Social Proof

You can fetch content from Facebook to your website especially the user-generated content to represent it as social proof for your business, which otherwise would not have been possible for the consumers to access.

Social proof gives the validation of authenticity, positive brand image, trustworthiness, credibility, and evidence of customer satisfaction index. Click To Tweet All these are crucial elements that shape a consumer’s buying decision.

3. Real-time updates

Embedding feed allows you to showcase real-time feeds containing news, offers, promos, product/business updates, and information beneficial to the consumers.

The real-time feed is a huge advancement for the marketers as consumers are looking for options to reduce time, research, and effort investment on digital platforms. 

And delivering instant information will give your business an edge over the competition.

4. Boost Engagement

Engagement is the most important stage in a consumer’s buying journey. Many businesses face issues such as low conversions, cart abandonment, and bounce rate mainly due to poor engagement aesthetics on the website.

Embedding Facebook feed will amplify and improve the engagement aesthetics for your brand through added quality content, interaction opportunities, and proliferated visitors.

5. Visual appeal

Through the Facebook aggregator, you can reap in content that includes creative images and videos relevant to the are of interest/concern and display it on your website. 

And it has been proved that visual content on Facebook receives 37% more engagement comparatively. Visuals are eye-catchy, informative, delightful and time-saving making your website look more engaging and interactive.


Facebook is a massive platform for your business to create awareness, enhance brand image, drive engagement, build community, social proof and maximize conversions and establish a growing revenue stream. 

And we have explained to you some amazing ways to embed Facebook feed using these Facebook aggregation, plugins and widgets and what benefits it will bring for you. 

So, are you ready to unlock the maximum potential for your website and business overall? 

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