8 Things You Need to Learn about Instagram Videos

Video marketing is the need of the hour in this age of stiff business competition. Though you have YouTube, Instagram videos are your best bet to promote your products or services. Today, the photo-sharing platform has an innovative solution for brands to promote their stuff.

Let us discuss some of the video marketing stats before delving deeper into this article. Based on the findings of Eloqua, approximately 46 percent of users say that they like to check information related to a product after watching an online video. Again, video means maximum viewer retention. Based on the studies by Brainshark, the information preserved in a 60-second online video is equivalent to approximately 1.8 million composed words.

According to an article published on HuffPost, businesses can find many ways to gain Instagram followers, leveraging videos is one of them. Here are the three things to learn about Instagram videos:

1. First, the Basics

There are currently two different ways to share content on Instagram:

Presents distributed on your Instagram page or profile show up in your adherents’ Newsfeeds and go about as the primary window to your image.

In that capacity, you need to save this space for your most cleaned, on-brand content. Here, you may distribute a video that clarifies your image’s worth or a procedure video that offers an inside look into your art, two fundamental bits of substance for a private company promoting.

2. Instagram video benefits are huge

When it comes to Instagram’s video platform, it scores better than Twitter’s Vine because it already has existing Instagram networks in place. When your business already has a business page on Instagram, you can save the effort of growing your network. You have that. You can leverage Instagram videos to acquire leads and boost sales.

Instagram videos tell your targeted audience what is happening surrounding your business, and give your brand a persona through moving images and sound instead of static photos. Click To Tweet

Compared to YouTube, Instagram video users are forgiving by nature. Then, what does that mean? The users are familiar with the point-and-click format with trivial editing. You need not produce professional quality to see positive results. On YouTube, you will need to post a highly professional video. Then, that does not mean that you post poor quality videos on Instagram. Post quality but not so highly professional. You can always increase the views.

3. More essential stats on video marketing

Let us look at some video marketing stats and facts:

  • The average visitor spends 88 percent more time on videos, according to the findings of Mist Media.
  • Instagram and video marketing go hand-in-hand. Both can help in increasing click-through rates by up to 90 percent or more.
  • As far as videos are concerned, the medium attracts 2-3 more visitors with double time spent on video websites. It results in a 157 percent boost in web traffic from search alone, according to MarketingSherpa.
  • If you see 80 percent of the web users who watched some video ad, at least 46 percent of them took some form of action after viewing the advertisement, according to Video Brewery.

4. Using Instagram videos for your branding

There are numerous opportunities to explore when you have Instagram videos in place. These include a sale announcement, product launch, a message to your followers, a testimonial from one of your clients, your business location, a flash sale, an awe-inspiring video of your business, and things like.

5. Instagram video gets more engagement than an image

Video is overwhelming Instagram. Internet-based life observing instrument Mention reports that video posts have the most noteworthy by and large commitment rate, getting more than 2X the remarks of picture posts.

In this way, Instagram video posts get more commitment than picture posts. Notice reports that recordings get 2.1X more remarks and have 38 percent higher commitment.

In any case, that is by all account not the only advantage of Instagram.

6. Draw in your audience with a weekly series

A week by week video arrangement is a pleasant method to keep you responsible for posting standard recordings. In addition, it gives a chance to achieve new adherents using hashtags.

A week after week arrangement could be something like #TuesdayTips, where you share a tip identified with your concentrate every Tuesday.

Another week after week hashtags is #WomancrushWednesday, #FlashbackFriday, and #Caturday. We get into this more in our article on Instagram development hacking.

A week after week arrangement like this doesn’t need to live just in the feed. Attempt it in Instagram Stories as well!

7. Instagram is growing fast for businesses

As individuals and organizations move to portable, Instagram keeps on developing rapidly. Click To Tweet

There are in excess of 2 million dynamic promoters on Instagram, and we reported in November that in excess of 25 million organizations have profiles on Instagram—up from 15 million in July.

Organizations are rushing to Instagram in light of the fact that they’re seeing accomplishment with it. In any case, that is not all. As a huge number of organizations begin with Instagram, the probability expands that your opposition is there. In the event that they are, you’ll need to be as well.

8. Rouse with a quote

Offer a statement or arrangement of statements that your group of spectators would resound. Once more, share with pertinent hashtags to get your video before a more extensive group of spectators. You can without much of a stretch modify this video with your very own hues, pictures, and statements


Try these amazing Instagram features to take your business to the next level. Watch out for the features yet to roll out.

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