Ways To Use UGC To Boost Your E-commerce Brand

You will need to boost up your e-commerce brand if you want to survive and do well in a crowded market. There are lots of ways to do that but the best and most effective way of all seems to be using the UGC or user-generated content. This will make this hard process somewhat simpler to grab the fleeting attention of your customers. You must think about it in this way.

  • There are thousands of Facebook photos, Instagram stories, and YouTube videos for people to see out there. Is there any good reason that they will see yours instead of the others?
  • Moreover, most people enjoy talking about themselves. Therefore, find out how you can best make this happen and turn it to your business benefits.

The best solution to this is by using the User Generated Content. There are several reasons to say so.

  • UGC is a very powerful tool
  • It is very valuable and about 82% of shoppers have admitted this in a recent survey
  • It helps people to make purchase decision and
  • It raises the level of engagement among customers

All you have to do is choose the best content of your customers after sifting through different contents just as you would do to find the best debt consolidation ratings. Once you choose one, make sure you get the permission of the specific customer to use the material for your brand and product promotion purpose. Also, reward the customer with a special offer or a discount.

Benefits of it

When you allow your customers to share their own views, styles, and experiences using your products or services, they feel more connected to your brand and valued by you. Click To Tweet
  • UGC raises the level of trust and brand loyalty which further raises the chances of sharing and creating more brand awareness. Eventually, more and more people get engaged with your brand.
  • What is most interesting and significant about using UGC as your marketing material is that you will be better off because you will not have to spend a lot of time designing a marketing material yourself.

Research has also shown that brands experience an astonishing 25% increase in their conversion rate when people visit their e-commerce site when a user-generated photo is used in place of a professional product shot. This is just one of the several different ways in which any user-generated content can boost your e-commerce brand.

Ways to use UGC

There are a few effective ways in which you can use UGC in the best possible way for the benefit of your brand and to reach out to more of your customers, locally and beyond.

First, focus on promoting your brand values. This means you will need to:

  • Define your brand
  • Tell what it stands for
  • Let others know about your values
  • Whether your product is environment-friendly
  • Are you involved in charity?

Irrespective of your brand values, the best way to connect with people who share the same values is by using the user-generated content. This will add more meaning to your brand value. You will do even better if you can connect with the younger consumers with your brand values. It will promote user participation and at the same time, it will also help you to align your brand with the values of your target customers in the market.

Second, concentrate on showcasing the different benefits of your product. Once again, the user-generated content campaign will help you in this aspect especially when the product you want to sell is hard to showcase on a specific visual platform such as Instagram. This will allow you to:

  • Encourage your users to share their photos using proper hashtags
  • Show the product without having to use your stock photos or screenshots
  • Share your content quickly
  • Have the UGC posted literally from anywhere in the world and
  • Post better crafted and more picturesque content

You can also run monthly or seasonal campaigns as well using the user-generated content that will highlight unusual and interesting visual works. Users will also gain a bonus for having their photos shared which will further incentivize them to share more of their contents.

Third, create customer testimonials in the most basic form using user-generated content. All you have to do for this is to:

  • Take the words simply from your customer reviews and
  • Highlight these on your site

Such UGCs are incredibly powerful because your customers will be able to see their words in the light which will create a unique sensation in them. This will even encourage other users to write more of such reviews as well. This will also help you to highlight your happy customers who love to use your products. This is another good approach to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Fourth, use holidays or any major events to gain more exposure as well as an enhanced engagement. Click To TweetMost of the e-commerce brands run different campaigns in collusion with important holidays and national events. This is because:

  • It enables the brands to reach out to more customers from a specific niche
  • It is a powerful and common trend followed by businesses that are more ambitious and
  • It enables you to get better UGCs on similar topics helping you to make a better choice of marketing material

All these will eventually help you to gain more attention to your e-commerce site and business.

Lastly, you must offer something exclusive so that you can build a specific community that will create more of such contents for you. You can motivate them by offering a gift a discount or anything that they will not get easily from anywhere else and is entirely different and unique from the offers you make to the general customers.

To sum up, you must be very specific about your goals if you want to create a buzz for your brand among your existing and potential customers. At the same time, you must tie the UGCs with your brand and create something actionable to drive serious engagement from the audience.

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