5 reasons why Amazon SEO is different from regular SEO

As an online entrepreneur, one of the biggest blunders you can commit is using Google SEO tactics to earn a better ranking at Amazon or vice versa. Such people forget to ask themselves a simple question which is “Amazon and Google are made to meet different demands, both, by and large, catering different audience, how on earth their SEO techniques could walk along the same line?”  

Simply put, Amazon and Google follow a different SEO pattern. Around 197 million people are visiting Amazon monthly, but what is the point if you don’t know that Amazon SEO does not work like Google SEO.  

If you are keen to learn why Amazon’s SEO varies than that of Google, look at the reasons below:        

1. Amazon follows a different keywords strategy

The first and foremost reason is that both platforms have a different approach to keywords. For example, an Amazon SEO company will use a keyword for once to get your products noticed in the Amazon listing. Better still, if you incorporate the keyword in the product listing title or bullet points. If you go by the horse’s mouth here’s what Amazon says:

It is not essential for keywords to reappear on Amazon. Type in the keyword in either the title, search term field, seller name or brand, etc. and Amazon’s algorithm has it.”

Another distinguishing characteristic of Amazon is that, unlike Google, it works on short-tail keywords. Because people are less likely to ask questions on Amazon. There is no point in asking an awkward question at a shopping platform.  So somebody visiting Amazon pretty much knows what he is looking for.   

On the other hand, Google does it differently. It takes a wise repetition of keywords to get an improved ranking at Google. At the same time, Google does not accept too much stuffing of keywords, which is much difficult than how things stand with Amazon. Moreover, since Google is posed with so many questions day in and day out, you have to adjust long-tail keywords in the copy. About 50 percent of Google queries are 4 words or more. Again, these stats further reiterate the importance of long-tail phrases for Google.  

2. Amazon is not receptive of Offsite signals

Offsite signals are another dominant reason why these two search engines are different with respect to SEO. Google pretty much counts a site’s history, social media account, links, and suchlike aspects. But Amazon does not entertain any of the above factors. So basically, Amazon does not give value to the third-party indicators in its SEO process while Google does have a regard for them. Click To Tweet

Amazon is different. It functions within itself. Its algorithm is keyword-centric. In other words, Amazon does not allow retailers to link from the external sites or product pages from its own listing.

3. Conversions are everything for Amazon

This is probably one of the biggest differences between Amazon and Google SEO. Google puts its weight in so many baskets. For example, how many people are clicking your website, how long you are able to hold visitors on the site, where the clicks are coming from, and many other factors are given weight in Google’s SEO practice. This is primarily because Google’s algorithm was designed keeping the ads in mind. We also purchase products from Google, but ads are its top priority.

While things are less complicated with Amazon, it simply concentrates on conversion rate. The more you sell, the higher your ranking is going to be. As simple as that. Reason being, Amazon chiefly focuses on selling products, and so its algorithm is designed for selling purpose. That’s why, when some products are doing well at a given time, Amazon will rank them higher, and when they are not amongst the best selling products, Amazon will demote them in the ranking. It indicates that currency matters more than anything else for Amazon.    

4. Amazon’s SEO can’t be manipulated

Many approve of the opinion that Google SEO has lapses, and it has sufficient room to be tricked. Try doing one thing as an example. Hire a team of SEO experts and ask them to rank your site on the first page. More often than not, if your team is capable, they can nail it in a day or two. But the same can’t be done with a product on Amazon unless the product really converts into hard money. That is why it is crucial to get the support of right Amazon SEO Company that knows how to do things in a smarter way.

For Amazon, product quality is everything. No SEO expert can turn a bad product into a good one with all his turns and tricks. Click To Tweet Quality content will not change the quality of the product either. Thus, there is only one way you can exploit Amazon’s algorithm, and that is by constantly improving the quality of your product.  

5. External links are not acceptable to Amazon

External linking makes Google SEO different from Amazon. For Google, external links are a metric to judge the popularity and reputation of a website because the majority of people come to Google to get information. Click To Tweet And when someone adds outbound links on relevant anchor text, it becomes very easy for the search engine to come up with appropriate results for viewers. So, in a way, you are doing great service to Google by merging quality links into the text. Therefore Google rewards these websites by improving their ranking.


According to this study, about 16.7 retailers are earning over a million dollars of revenue on Amazon every year. This surely is a staggering amount. And the most encouraging point is that you can also become one of these millionaires. But before that, you need to learn the Difference between Amazon and Google SEO and the above guide will take care of this problem.   

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