How Big is Digital Marketing? Moreover, What To Expect In 2020

Can you believe that you are living in times when 2020 does not seem like Astro-age anymore? 1991 was 28 years ago, and Y2K was 19 years ago! Humankind has made giant leaps in the world of digital marketing since then, and Astro-age might have been scheduled to occur somewhere in the 2030s maybe.

It is safe to say that marketing and digital marketing have evolved a lot, and the trends keep shifting overnight. However, some things are considered to be markers for more change in the future.

For many organizations, 2020 is a deadline, just like Y2K was. Plans are running towards that year and many other things to get ordered. There is consensus on the fact that many important marketing revelations must have taken place by the time we begin 2020.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that digital marketing will revolve around the customer of 2020. Click To Tweet It is nothing like what the marketing world has seen before. A customer of 2020 knows exactly what they need and how many options they can exhaust to fulfill that need.

From the evolution of the world wide web to the creation of Netscape and then fast forward to Google and Yahoo dominating the world, the internet has seen some massive shifts in quality and authority. The upcoming years will be a different story because all of these entities are working towards solutions that not only achieve personal goals but also create a benefit for the customer.

Thirty percent of US marketers and 31 percent of UK marketers believe that all digital activations will be done by robots in the next 30 years! Until that happens, we know that digital marketing needs to work on patterns that can turn out effective and be fed to machine learning systems.

Here are some important aspects that will be key to note for digital marketers in 2020:

Mobile tech

Mobile optimization has been a massive trend for companies for years now, with new updates being added every month. However, marketers still don’t know how mobile will change the household life of a consumer when connected with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. There are so many options and routes to take, so if anybody tells you they have this mystery figured out, they would be joking.


This thread won’t be complete without mentioning Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is shaping up many other technologies and services around the world. Many digital marketers will try to adopt the practice in its infancy if they can afford it, but apps like Snapchat have given us a clear idea of how the technology can provide ease in customer service and buying decisions.


Sure, personalization has helped many eCommerce businesses close more leads in the past, but the future demands so much more. In an age where everything is at the fingertips of your target customer, simple personalization elements can’t do. The treasure trove of data is predicted to come to your rescue, providing information about the customer like never before.

Digital agencies always have a competitive edge because they operate with the latest tools to find relevant analytics for marketing. Geo-targeting and ad placements will be even better if marketers start creating models based on hard facts and statistics earned through analyzing real-time user data. Real-time is key.


The word Blockchain is still new for many digital marketers, so it is safe to say that many of us are trying to catch up. Until that happens, Blockchain technology is positively affecting fields like banking and law.

Marketers are trying to figure out how Blockchain can become easy to understand for the customer and be used in digital marketing campaigns.

Content as bait

A study in 2000 found out that digital information was the most influential information for people. Today, apart from other marketing tactics, one thing that is still making rounds on digital media is content.

Use content as bait to find more targeted customers for your brand. However, the way you create and manage this content is key. Data analytics will help you create meaningful content pieces that can add value to your customer’s life. Don’t be like the company that only throws worms in the water without a plan, attach a sturdy bait to the hook liner and place it strategically. Click To Tweet Otherwise, the whole purpose is just useless. This is exactly how improper content tactics will affect your business if you don’t think sharply.

Last word

Digital marketing is going to get even bigger and better in the years to come. Marketing is not a simple CRM and offline advertising solution anymore, a lot more has to go in the process to impress a customer. The trends and factors listed above will be key in 2020, and all digital teams must keep an eye on this meaningful shift. Got any questions? Let’s chat in comments.

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  1. Great points! Digital marketing i feel is the fastest, biggest and the most vast way to market anything and is a very important aspect in a business. thank you for sharing this article as i have learned a lot as to how and what are the things to keep in mind while digital marketing.

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