Don’t Make These 4 Branding Mistakes with Your Packaging

In today’s world, there is a rapid change in the market. E-commerce across the globe has seen growth in double-digit every year after 2012. Constant branding has suffered a lot while e-commerce owners have been focused on the use of technology and logistics to fulfil customer expectations.

Businesses are offering products across channels. However, some are leaving extraordinary messages that are maximizing influence digitally and physically via in-store product displays and packaging. Multichannel e-commerce owners who don’t invest in constant branding suffer. Have a look at these stats:

  •  According to a report by LucidPress, constant branding on all platforms helps businesses increase their revenue up to 23%  
  • A study done at the University of Loyola states that colour alone enhances brand recognition by up to 80%.
  • According to the Content Council, 72% of marketers have experienced the content more powerful in comparison with ads in magazines & TV or direct mail.
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Here are some sacrifices that you should not make:

More focus on product protection over branding

The protection of a product is essential. However, you must not sacrifice branding for product protection.

Think about how you can proceed with the delivery of the marketing message via packaging. For instance, the flexibility and longer life of the corrugated box have made it a more preferred item for packaging various goods. You can transfer this box as your marketing tool.

With the use of personalized stickers and labels, you can make the corrugated box a branding tool for your business. Due to a decrease in the cost of printing, it has become more comfortable to personalize the packaging box based on location or client segmentation. The inside of this box can pass on your brand story via scent, graphics, or product inserts.

You can think about the use of cold shipping, which is often left unnoticed. Cold shipping packaging is out of fashion. However, the evolution in printing technology and materials has paved the way of the cold shipping packaging. You can apply this for packaging of goods like cosmetics, beverages, food, and pharmaceuticals. Recycooler is an example of how businesses can make cold shipping as an attractive branding tool. Further, you can use options like printing inside or outside of boxes or branded insulating materials for branding your business.  

Going away from brand and mission

Does your social media post comprise of snarky jokes or the tweet has emotional messages filled with holiday spirits? If yes, customers will have a strike over your products/services.

You should prepare for leaving strong messages as the holiday approaches. Let your brand voice spread more with the use of custom labels and stickers during holidays. To stick to leaving your brand messages, you should get customized labels. Use the same for packaging before delivering the goods to your customers.  

Giving priority convenience to branding

Most of the retailers ship products directly to customers. Packages reach to customers in functional protective materials or standard boxes. Do you know why this is? When marketers are unable to see the pack as a shippable billboard, they miss opportunities to bring sales increase.

Business logo with graphics on the corrugated boxes should be eye-catchy as they are in the store. As an e-commerce business owner, you should use your creativity in making the product packaging as similar to the store instead of sending in a simple box. Try to give useful information like a recipe on the pack of noodles or announce the availability of a new product inside the box. You can place useful items like toys or reusable storage in the box to create excitement for the recipient.

Valuing price over branding

Over time, digital printing along with flexographic one has made POP displays more cost-effective. Displays are more reciprocal.

In today’s world, the latest printing technology has entirely transformed the look of POP displays and corrugated boxes with the use of different materials like fabric, wood and stone.

Take a wine producer for example. Its owner wanted to have a wine barrel for in-store display, but left the idea due to the cost and chose wood display. Wood is a great display material for the hold of heavier merchandise. However, it can be costlier for the production and shipment for temporary displays. As an alternative, you can create an attractive shipping packaging using an expensive and lightweight corrugated box.

In the contemporary world, your consumers are the best tool for business marketing. Avoid neglecting the most personal attachment along with physical instructions your consumers have with your business. Take these interactions as new opportunities for getting in touch with them.


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Avoid doing anything that leads you to make compromises with your business branding.   

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