Tips for Creating A Perfect Landing Page

Technology has made online marketing a popular strategy among entrepreneurs. Online marketing involves the advertising and marketing of your products or services through various internet platforms such as websites, Facebook and Twitter.

For those entrepreneurs who develop websites for easy marketing of their products or services, having an effective landing page is essential. A landing page is defined merely as a web page which serves as the front door of a website or any particular section of the website.

Also, a landing page allows you to capture visitors’ details through a particular form, for example, a sign-up form.  Besides, a landing page tells your visitors what you want them to do and why they should do it. When done right, a landing page can attract up to 30% conversion on your traffic.

A. Benefits of Using Landing Pages  

Some of the significant benefits of using landing pages are increased conversions, improving your SEO rank, giving an excellent first impression, and promoting new products and services.

1a. Increased Conversions

According to research, embracing a lead page on your website can increase your conversion by 20%. Unlike a homepage, a lead page is usually straight to the point, which attracts more traffic to follow your site.

2a. Good First Impression

In marketing, the first impression is key to winning the hearts of new customers. Landing pages act as the first entry point of your website. Therefore, it is important to display information that will be relevant and useful to visitors. Also, showing an excellent first impression on your landing page builds credibility for your business.

3a. Helps to Promote New Products and Services

Having a landing page on your website may assist in promoting the new products your organization is producing. You can create a brief description of the latest products on the landing page for visitors to read and maybe go ahead and purchase the product.

4a. Improves Your SEO Rank

Increased competition forces business owners to craft relevant and quality content to market their goods and products which will attract visitors. With quality content on your landing page, search engines such as Google and Bing will improve your ranking.

5a. Tips on Creating the Perfect Landing Page

Having a useful landing page increases your conversion rate, hence making your digital marketing strategy effective. Here are some essential tips on how to come up with a perfect landing page;

6a. Have a Fascinating Headline

The headline of the landing page on your website is the first thing visitors see. Therefore, making it compelling and fascinating will attract more traffic and convert visitors into buyers and subscribers.

7a. Make Your Objective Simple and Clear

Many people get bored with lengthy content on landing pages. Making the content on the landing page short and straight to the point helps visitors to understand your objectives.

8a. Have a Good Design

The color, font type and size, and other design characteristics have a huge role to play in capturing the attention of visitors. A good design will lure more people in to visit and subscribe to your website.

9a. Minimize Friction

Friction on the landing page is caused by objects which restrict visitors from performing other actions on the website. This can be caused by factors such as distracting animation and lack of customer proof or security. To minimize friction, make the page simple by providing customer testimonials and security badges, which will help visitors to navigate through the website easily.

B. Steps to Creating a Captivating Landing Page

Digital marketing is a continuous process. For you to drive more traffic you need to frequently update your website by creating several landing pages with unique designs. Here are five necessary steps to guide you.

11b. Select the Correct Landing Page Platform

A landing page platform can also be referred to as a landing page builder. For those who build their pages using code, they can achieve this through their website backend while those using easy-to-design landing pages can select builders such as Leadpages and Instapage.    

12b. Define Your Goal

The goal of your landing page refers to the message you want to convey to your traffic. This can be an announcement of a new product or a discount on selected goods. It is essential to note the goal of the landing page should correspond with your marketing and advertising goal.

13b. Choose a Call to Action  

A call to action (CTA) statement is designed to get feedback from your followers. The CTA of your landing page should reflect the CTA of your advertisement. For example, if the CTA of your advert is “get discounts on selected products,” then the CTA of your landing page will be “purchase our products.”

14b. Have a Captivating Headline

The headline of your landing page should be precise, captivating and should march with your objective. Furthermore, a captivating headline is key to driving more traffic to your website.

15b. Include Some Media

You should incorporate media such as images and videos on your landing page to make it more pleasing and easier to understand. While doing this, ensure that the media is relevant to your objective and it is of high quality.

This post was written by Liam Peng from SEO Analytics Pro

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