How To Leverage AI To Automate Your SEO

Entrepreneurs need to create and maintain a robust web presence for enhancing the reach of their businesses. But because of the dynamic and competitive landscape, they also have to struggle hard in order to improve their rankings on the search engines through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

In order to build an SEO-friendly image, brands have to make efforts into increasing the organic traffic to their web portal. But it’s not easy as the customers have become much more demanding than before. Also, technology has transformed each and every aspect related to digital ventures.

The same technological revolution has given birth to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can be a boon for marketing pros. Nowadays, every marketer must know how to leverage AI-powered tools to make their web presence SEO-friendly. Also, a high ranking website can help them in building a sales pipeline for maximizing sales conversions.

As per Statista, marketers think that AI is one of the most effective marketing strategies that can make the largest commercial impact on your brand. Also, they believe that this technology can become an integral tool to automate all your SEO tasks and streamline your digital marketing strategy.

But in spite of basic understanding, a survey done by Marketingcharts found that most of the marketers feel that they are unprepared to jump in the AI bandwagon.


What could be the reason for this? Obviously, the lack of precise information and insights. In order to allow marketing professionals to leverage AI to automate SEO, let’s take a look at how AI-powered tools and solutions that can prove to be the game changer for transforming your SEO policy.

1. AI-Powered Systems To Collect, Organize, & Analyze Huge Amounts Of Data To Produce Useful Insights

Basically, the SEO game plan depends upon crunching numbers and developing useful insights with which the future marketing policies can be formulated. This is a tedious and time-consuming task which can’t be done manually.

But AI has introduced numerous tools that can automate this process and create insights automatically based on a cautious evaluation of the gathered data. This prevents marketers from wasting their time in performing mundane and monotonous work and pay attention to matters of high value.

2. Leveraging AI Tools To Automate Key SEO Tasks

Professionals have to perform multiple tasks in order to rank their websites higher on search engines. But many tiresome processes such as technical audits, keyword research, and optimizing content can be a nightmare.

With the help of AI, these tasks can be automated which will save time for marketers to develop unique and fresh content for the customers for increasing the visibility of their business. Let’s look at how these advanced platforms can adjust keywords and create high- quality content to help you rank the web page on the top:

How To Use AI For Developing Optimized & Quality Content With Relevant Keywords?

In order to make search engines notice your web presence automatically it’s important to provide end users with quality and unique content which is free from flaws and duplication. AI-powered tools can be used to identify the best content opportunities and optimizing the content in a balanced manner.

There is a diverse range of AI suites available in the market which can help in transforming your SEO strategy:

I. SEMrush

This solution is effective in identifying on-page issues and fixing them then and there. SEMrush can optimize your set of keywords, assess your key business rivals, and spot opportunities for growth of your online identity. Also, it can help in developing high-quality content and tracking and reporting outcomes. This tool is used by big brands such as ClickZ, Overstock, eBay, etc.

II. SEO PowerSuite

It’s a comprehensive AI-driven SEO suite that you can use to stay away from fines or penalties. Also, it can help you in optimizing your web presence and acquiring quality links. It can audit your website quickly to spot any issues and evaluate your competitors. Moreover, SEO PowerSuite can keep an eye on your keyword rankings and traffic reports in order to help you in making well-informed decisions.

Along with optimizing the site content marketers can use AI systems to create personalized content for catering customers on an individual level. AI tools have the power to analyze historical user-related data and identify patterns and behaviour which can be used to develop tailored content for grabbing more prospects and increasing sales.

Salesforce Einstein is an advanced AI-powered platform which can provide marketers with comprehensive recommendations and predictions based on evaluating the existing and past data of customers.

3. Virtual Assistants For Enhancing The Customer Experience

In order to grab more quality leads your SEO strategy should be designed to provide prospects with seamless support. AI has a relevant solution through which it can become easier for you to be available for potential customers 24*7. These intelligent systems are chatbots which act as a virtual assistant for engaging with customers.

With the help of these bots, users can also search for the products they are looking for. Also, it helps your business to build a healthy relationship with prospects by personalizing the customer experience.

4. Predictive & Cluster Analytics To Identify A Layout Which Is In Accordance With Your End Users

In order to make your website easily visible to major search engines, you can use AI subsets such as cluster analytics with which you can audit the web pages and group them into clusters based on different topics. It will allow you to improve your PageRank distribution. Also, search engines will be able to discover pages on the basis on topics.

Similarly, predictive analytics can be used to forecast future search trends and devise campaigns accordingly to garb more prospects. Moreover, marketers can also use the data to perk up PR strategies and come up with tailored drives for meeting the requirements during peak or low times.

You can partner with an efficient development agency to build an AI-powered platform which is capable of deploying analytics in order to help you in coming up with a design which can rank on the top. Also, professionals can create a product roadmap in order to assure that you are moving on the right track and developing a functional AI platform.

5. AI Solutions To Evaluate Customer Feedback & Improvise SEO Strategy

Customer feedback is a primary tool which can be used to formulate future policies for your business. There are several AI-powered platforms like SentiGeek, BirdEye, Lexalytics, Revuze, etc. with which you can easily analyze customer feedback and integrate them in your SEO for giving a boost to your digital visibility and identity.

These online platforms can quickly examine thousands of tweets, online reviews, and comments and deploy algorithms to discover contemporary trends and themes. Also, these tools can provide you with full-fledged reports which will allow you to formulate future policies backed up with facts and stats.

AI can be the only asset with which you can easily automate and streamline your SEO strategy. Modern AI-driven tools and platforms can be your best companion in improving the chance of your web portal rank higher in search results.

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