Beginners Blogging Commandments: 10 Rules of Blogging Every Newbie MUST Know!

If you are a beginning blogger, there are a couple of factors you must consider to succeed in the medium. Some of these are easily ignored, even though they are keys to finding blogging success.

Be authentic. Sure, the blogosphere is extremely competitive now compared to what it was some years back. Being true to yourself is what will attract users to your blog, and encourage them to keep coming back. This will make them feel comfortable enough to leave meaningful and thoughtful comments.

A well-defined audience. This is important for creating better engagement, which can help you grow your readership base. Knowing your audience allows you to choose a suitable monetization strategy.


With monetization, don’t abuse ads. If you are doing display advertising, it makes sense not to make your ads too obstructive. Make sure they don’t create too much hassle for visitors. If it looks spammy to you, it probably will be to your audience. And if they feel you care more about money than them, they’ll flee and never come back.

There are others, such as learning the basics of SEO, building authenticity and credibility, using long-form content, creating your own product, and a lot more. Check them out here:

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    1. I really like the way you have explained this blog with pictures. It created interest in me read it and this article is really inspiring for beginners. Thanks for this helpful blog.

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