4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Marijuana Business Sales

Digital marketing entails online promotions from you (the brand) to your audience (the consumers). In 2019, the efficacy of digital marketing isn’t up for debate. Marketers are harnessing opportunities abound to increase sales.

There have been positive strides in the Cannabidiol (CBD) industry in recent times. Over thirty three states in the United States have legalized the use of marijuana for either medical or recreational use, or both. A poll by Pew Research Center found that 62% of Americans, including 74% of millennials were in support of this. With this development, marijuana marketers can now join their counterparts in other industries in leveraging digital marketing to boost their sales.  

Here are four digital marketing strategies for your marijuana business:

1.   Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the de facto standard for generating organic traffic online. With the legal approval of marijuana use, people have heightened their search for places to purchase it without hassle.

You need to make your product findable. When people search for marijuana online, your content should be at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), otherwise, no one will see your product. This isn’t going to happen if you keep publishing random content. The demand & supply marketing technique comes to fore here. Consumers are making demands for marijuana online. Until you position your business to meet their demand, you’ll miss out on supply opportunities.  


Before you delve into creating your content, measure their demand by using tools such as Google Analytics to get the specific keywords they are searching for. Each keyword gives you targeted traffic. With targeted traffic, visitors to your site are in need of your product, hence, they are most likely to patronize you. As more people search for the keywords, your content gets more visibility, and this converts into sales in the long run.

2.   Email Marketing

Most marijuana users aren’t one-off buyers. There’s the tendency for them to need your product continuously. If you don’t retain them, they are going to get it elsewhere.

An Episerver Study found that 98% of first-time visitors to a website didn’t buy anything. But don’t lose them completely. Collect their email address for email marketing.

People aren’t quick to give their email to random businesses online. No one wants to be spammed. Something has to give. Lead magnet is great for building a subscription list. You offer visitors a product that’ll be of benefit to them in exchange for their email address.

Having gotten some leads on your subscription list, nurture them via email marketing. Draft compelling email newsletters for your products.  Don’t add to the number of unread mails in their inbox. Arouse interest with your subject line. Address one person. Use captivating images to hold your reader’s attention to the very end. Wrap it up with a killer call-to-action.

3.   Content Marketing

Content marketing helps brands to market their products to a niche-based audience. Marketing your product to audiences who use marijuana increases your chances of sales compared to audiences who are divided on marijuana use.

Content marketing bypasses the acceptance stage in marketing. You don’t have to struggle with convincing prospects that your product is useful. By virtue of being on that medium, they already acknowledge its usefulness. The onus is on you to convince them that your product meets their specific needs better than others on the market.

With the right skills, content marketing experts succinctly capture a product’s value in a fluid but irresistible manner. They showcase practical examples, statistics and case studies of how a product will enhance a user’s standard of living.

4.   Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising strategy where marketers pay publishers for traffic to their site gotten from clicks on their ad copies.

Keyword inclined, your ad shows up on publishers’ websites when your keywords are searched for or when your keywords match their web content. In other words, it gives you targeted traffic. This is pertinent as marijuana users are a segment of the general consumer-base. Your campaign is exposed to a select few.

People don’t go around clicking on digital marketing campaigns they have no iota of interest in. They may not be ready to buy at that point in time, but with email marketing discussed above, you have the opportunity of collecting their email when they arrive on your site. Technically, you spend money on PPC when someone who has interest in your product clicks on your campaign.



It’s been proven that marijuana has some medical benefits. While these don’t erase the negative effects, they can be avoided when used properly. Users are advised to apply caution in their best interest.

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