Effective Inbound Marketing Runs Survey on User Experience (Results)

Effective Inbound Marketing, a premium digital PR and SEO agency, has served customers from several industries for the past 5 years. Most of our clients are from the business and marketing industry, while a handful of them are elite class celebrities and business executives from several other industries.

We bring solutions to our customers through the following services and have continued to maintain a standard of excellence that has seen most of our customers return to us for similar campaigns and even recommend us to others. Outlined below is a list of the services we offer our customers:

2018 User Experience Performance Survey

In recognition of our position as a leader in the digital PR, SEO and marketing industry, we decided to run a closed survey among our existing users and customers to identify areas we can improve on both our service delivery, quality, speed and what we offer the general industry through our content marketing efforts and our website.

This survey looked into the following areas:

New product lines,

Refining existing processes,

Handling payment and refunds,

Our website usability,

Handling your data,

Privacy policy,


What you expect when you visit our website

How we should handle content creation.

We understand that the results of this survey may not reflect the views of everyone using our websites or products and services but it reflects the views of those that have chosen to respond to our survey and may represent the views of our larger audience.


  • 80% would prefer our guarantee to remain the same
  • 60% of costomers would try out a new services if introduced
  • 72% of you want us to use simpler navigations, including breadcrumbs and a search bar. This show we did not perform well in our website navigation.
  •  90% prefer more than one payment options (we’ve introduced CryptoCurrency, Credit Card, Paypal and Wire Transfers – for orders above $3,000)
  • 15% of costumers do not care about our privacy policies
  • 70% would rather not be tracked
  • 87% customers want more B2B content shared on the EIM Blog
  • 60% of customers want content to be diverse but tied to individuals


Full survey results:

Would you try out new services if we introduced them?

I’m okay with the existing services but won’t mind21%

How do you feel about our service protection offer – are you okay with our existing guarantee of 1 year?

Not sure10%

How do you find navigating our website www.effectiveinboundmarketing.com?

Introduce a better navigation system72%
I do not use your website12%
I’m okay with your current website16%

Should we introduce more payment options?

I’m okay with Credit Cards11%

What do you think of our Privacy Policy?

I’m okay with your Privacy Policy81%
I do not care about your Privacy Policy15%
It’s not clear enough to me4%

Are you comfortable with being tracked?

Yes, if it improves your services16%
No, I’d rather not be tracked84%

Are you comfortable with how we handle your data?

No, it needs improvement4%

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