4 Effective Strategies for Selling to Millennials Successfully

Millennials are always in the news for their unique way of life. Often referred to as the digital generation, the average millennial is drawn to technology in ways that are disturbing to older generations.

Exposed to different cultures in the virtual space, they are more open-minded to things. Making up a quarter of the world’s population, the millennial market is large. But marketing to the de facto owners of the internet isn’t business as usual. Certain things that other generations might overlook are taken into consideration in their buying decisions.

1. Use the right medium

The first step to successfully sell to millennials is to find them. Selective exposure is a thing with all audience categories. People selectively expose themselves to media that are of interest to them. The onus is on you to figure out what your target audiences are watching, reading and listening to.


Mainstream media such as TV, Radio and Newspapers/Magazines may still be viable in their own ways, but have little impact on millennials. If you invest in these media for marketing campaigns targeted at them, don’t be surprised if you don’t get high return on investment (ROI). As far as the tech savvy generation is concerned, they are outdated.

It’s an open secret that millennials live for the internet. Suffice to say, it’s their second home. They take it upon themselves to keep up with events online, consuming and sharing content that appeal to them.

Get a grasp of effective digital marketing strategies, and tailor them to your brand.

2. Sell value

Throwing your products in the face of other generations might push them to buy, but that won’t work with millennials. Ignoring you is the least they can do. Being tech savvy, they know exactly how to block your ads from ever showing up to them.

Fun is a constant variable in their books. If it’s going to make their life better, bring it on, otherwise, keep it faraway. You need to be able to convince them that your product is going to enhance their life.

Sell your product value.

Every good product meets a need. Members of the older generation may buy products for their long term gratification. For millennials, the gratification has to be immediate. They lack the patience to wait for long.

Creating an attractive copy doesn’t cut it. It must be factual. They aren’t going to take everything you say hook line and sinker. With the Google app in their hands always, they’ll verify your claims online. And if you managed to decieve them to patronize you, be ready to be dragged online.

3. Be responsive

After creating a masterpiece, you need to channel the same effort into communicating with millennials about it, if you want to be successful in their market.

Sending emails and waiting for a reply aren’t fanciful to them. They’d rather send text messages, and keep their phone in their hands, waiting for your reply. If your message isn’t coming forth, they are on their phone dialling your number.

Millennials are the true definition of the mobile society we live in. There’s no specific place or time for communication. It all happens on the go, at anytime. Your inability to meet up is regarded as incompetence. They move on to the next brand that’s ready for business.

Step up to the plate. Use a multichannel communication software to meet their demanding communication needs. It enables you to integrate various tools such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the likes on one platform for ease.

4. Leverage influencer marketing

Millennials are very much interested in trends. If they aren’t creating it, they are participating in it. Pop culture is at its peak, thanks to the massive interest of their generation.

A celebrity who isn’t known by millenials in their location has a long way to go. With this admiration comes trust. They see these celebrities as role models in some ways. A single word from their favorite celebrity means much more than a thousand words from you. Leveraging influencer marketing will generate high profits. But you need to identify influencers that are truly influential in your niche, otherwise, you’ll be wasting resources.



Millennials aren’t as difficult as the society paints them to be. They are people who know want they want, and stick by it. Engaging digital marketing services they resonate with increases your sales success rate.

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