4 Ways to Widen Your Brand Visibility with Content Distribution

Content creation is a common concern amongst marketers. Everyone knows that good content generates traffic and ultimately converts leads.

But created content isn’t going to generate anticipated results stuck on your PC.

You need to put it out. For a lot of people, blogging is the easiest route. But publishing a post on you blog doesn’t guarantee conversion. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game must be on point to get qualified leads through the door. To get the most of your content, you need to have an effective distribution plan.

Streamline your content to a market segment

In a Bane $ Company study published by Harvard Business Review, 81% of business executives revealed that segmentation was important to grow profits.  Rather than cater to the entire market, they identify a segment that has a need for their product, and channel their resources toward them.  

A good content distribution plan doesn’t just put your content out there, but puts it in the eyes of the right people i.e your target audience. Misaligning your content is a waste of time and resources. Why? It won’t convert. Don’t play a game a luck by contacting random people and hoping to convert.


Be deliberate.

It’s better to reach out to 10 people with the assurance that they’d react favorably than reach out to 100 people you aren’t sure of. The former helps you manage your resources and saves you unnecessary hassles.

Who are you audiences? Answering this question effectively entails understanding their demographics. It’s also important that you understand how your audiences discover your content. Use tools like Google Analytics to know your site’s metrics.

Try organic distribution first

In the quest to get immediate results for your content, you might want to invest money promoting every piece you create online via paid distribution. You’ll most likely get some results, but your pocket might run dry faster than you envisaged. And the results aren’t long term.

Start with organic distribution. Keep an eye on your content performance. Take note of what is working and what isn’t working. If a particular post generated the highest result, it’s only prudent that you replicate it.

Create more content in that direction.

Give organic posts that are already performing well more visibility by pushing them further. If some people already like them, there’s a high chance that more people will like them too.

Leverage cornerstone content

Creating cornerstone content is an investment. You take your time to do intensive research, and intelligently put it all together. By the time you are done, you are counting 2000 words and above. If you know your onions in content creation, such a content will outdo regular ones.

Don’t publish a cornerstone all by itself. It’ll be getting a lot of traffic. Give other works of yours the opportunity to benefit from its high traffic by linking them to it. As others feed of it, your organic reach increases. Search engines become more aware of your contents, shooting them up Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Be innovative

AdWords and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are some of the most popular mediums for paid content distribution. Their popularity isn’t unassociated with their efficacy. But having more options widens your reach. Investing in other mediums such as content marketing will give your brand an edge.

Every medium has an audience type. Having done your audience research as mentioned earlier, you should know the media they are exposed to. Publishing your content on those platforms gives you unrestricted access to your target audience. It’s up to you to convince them about why they should acquire your product or service.

Getting published on such platforms is no small feat. They know the caliber of audiences they have, and are committed to offering them the best. Hence, they only accept submissions from industry leaders, VIPs, and a select digital marketing experts. By engaging the services of such professionals to publish on these platforms, you’ll be communicating to an audience who has a need for your offers.



A single content seen by the right people generates a revenue higher than that of ten contents seen by the wrong people. Content distribution shouldn’t be an after-thought. It should precede content creation because it determines the outcome.

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