4 Ways to Scale Your Content Marketing with Blog Outsourcing

Content drives conversations in digital marketing. You give prospects something to think of and talk about. A brand that keeps its lips sealed is as good as dead. Consumers will be engrossed with other brands, forgetting its existence.

According to research, companies that post contents up to 16 times a month receive more visitors 3.5 times more than companies with less posts. There’s always a fresh topic given to visitors to digest. Satisfied with the knowledge they benefit, they come back for more.

With over 615 million devices having an ad-blocking software, scaling your content marketing is undoubtedly profitable to your business. But it isn’t so easy. Getting external help is necessary if you cannot handle it all by yourself.

Here are 4 ways to scale your content marketing with blog outsourcing.

1. Go for the best

You probably know how to write, but can’t keep up with churning out contents regularly. Having identified the need for you to outsource, it’s important that you maintain the high quality synonymous with your brand, or up the ante.

Outsourcing is supposed to give you free time to focus on other activities on your hands. Having to worry about the quality of your content because you aren’t a 100% confident in whom you are outsourcing to, contradicts the whole essence. Save yourself the trouble. Go for content marketing professionals who have results to show for their expertise.


An online freelance jobs website might seem like a good deal. But with most of them opening their doors to just anyone, you can be sure to find half-baked content creators there. To get the best, check out high-authority publications. Expert writers publish contents on such platforms regularly. Reach out to those whose writing style appeal to you.

2. Create a content brief

It’s one thing to have the best content marketers, and it’s another thing to ensure that they align with your brand. You may not be the one to do the content writing and marketing, but your input is needed, especially if you want to have some level of control of the process.

Your expert content marketer doesn’t know your brand as well as you do. To create bespoke content, you need to lay the cards on the table. What kind of content do you need?

A brand’s content marketing plan embodies its vision. Be very clear about your ideals.

Giving your team a guide to work with puts you both on the same page. They know exactly what you want, and use their expertise to help you achieve it.  In the end, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3. Create different content categories

Generating content regularly doesn’t guarantee positive results. If you have a reservoir of the same kind of content, you’ll only get the same result.

Don’t create generic contents.

Your prospects are on different levels of your sales funnel. While some of them may be coming across your brand for the very first time, and need contents on awareness, others may already be aware of your brand. What they need to know, are reasons why they should pick you over your competitors. In this case, an awareness content is of little value to them. You need to present a strong argument for your brand.

Create various content categories that cover each stage of your sales funnel to cater to the different consumers. Make this known to your outsourcing agent, so they’ll include it in the content marketing services they render to you.

4. Maximize your investment

If you are going to outsource your content marketing, you should minimize your budget by producing content in multiple forms. Resources spent on creating a blog post would be underutilized if you only published the post on your blog and forgot about it. The same post can be made into an e-book, and offered as a lead magnet to build your email subscription list.

A single content can be reproduced into video, infographic, podcast, webinar and the likes. The bulk of the work is done in the first creation process, creating other forms won’t cost so much.


With millions of posts published every day, it takes more than writing great content to gain visibility. Having the means for effective content promotion is key. Outsourcing it to experts with an enviable content marketing network helps you stand out from the crowd.

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