5 Simple Steps To An Effective E-Commerce Blog Strategy

Since the inception of e-commerce, many businesses have capitalized on this opportunity as these online platforms have become a solid revenue stream for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

This form of commerce has become a fundamental part in the modern business landscape especially due to the implementation of artificial intelligence. It is a huge platform which is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. On the other hand, there are e-commerce companies suffering the most because of their reluctance to adopt the latest marketing trends.

Importance of Content

There are numerous studies which suggest that content plays a decisive role in influencing customers towards the brand. A single spelling mistake in the content can cut a company’s sales in half. In terms of monetary impact, this means millions of dollars in lost sales or conversions. There are different researches which indicate that over half of the consumers spend less than mere 15 seconds on advertisement.  This illustrates the importance of keeping your content ready and appealing. It means a tiny window of opportunity for businesses to peak their interest.

Tips to Create an Effective E-Commerce Blog Strategy

Your team should have all the tools and skills necessary in their arsenal to effectively devise and implement a blog strategy. To make this possible here are some of the most effective ways to form an effective e-commerce blog strategy:

1.Clear Depiction of Purpose

It is quite critical to understand that before you can dig into the strategy of your blog, you need to articulate its underlying purpose. The content of your blog should be comprehensive enough to answer the following questions

  • What is the greater purpose your company is trying to attain?
  • What brand story supports this purpose?
  • Who shares your passion for purpose?

2. Broadcast your Merchandize

Customer likes it when they feel that an organization has tried to build a relationship This is one of the most effective methods of persuading your customers. Your blog is indeed, an ideal place to showcase your merchandise and to promote your respective brands.

There can be numerous ways of making them feel special. Make them wish for your new goods by telling them how valuable they are for your brand. It is also recommended conveying few of the most interesting items or aspects and hint at what else is coming to the store. So your businesses merchandize should be broadcasted in an informative and interactive manner, this will help induce high conversion rates. Consider optimizing each landing page on your website as well to ensure readers do not bounce to competitors platforms during the purchase cycle.

3. Video Content

The extensive use of visual content has proved to be extremely effective in engaging customers and winning their loyalty. It significantly helps the customers in understanding immediately what your brand is portraying. This trend has recently been in the upsurge as businesses all around the world are using video content as a channel of digitally marketing their brands or products. Video content includes live sessions with customers, resulting in gaining lifetime loyal customers.


 (Image credit: https://sophieandtrey.com)

Sophie and Trey has done this extremely well. It is an online boutique and clothing store for cute & trendy women in United States. To keep their customers aligned with all of the trends in the market, they have introduced the concept of directly interacting with them on video and audio calls. This helps both the customers and the business to understand each other and a scenario of win-win has been created.

4. High Resolution Images

Pictures are an integral part of content marketing. If you are not already using plenty of high resolution images, now’s the time to start. It is crucial that your photos have relevant titles, tags and descriptions that are rich in keywords. This will simultaneously help you rank higher on search engine rankings.

Your customers will remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. High resolution photos coupled with great web design are the two essential ingredients you should focus on if you want to capture the eyes and mind of each visitor.


(Image credit: www.freepeople.com)

Free People is the perfect example. They have eye catching cool and modern product photos. They would normally have a lot of offers and products grouped by various categories. The business make sure pictures are constantly changed to give a new vibe every time a visitor sees it.

5. Role of CTA

It’s vital to make the checkout process as easy and intuitive as possible. The role and positioning of CTA (Call to Action) is crucial in obtaining high conversion rates. Place the CTA on the top of the screen in the conversion path to achieve maximum possible visibility.

Pull customers to the checkout page even when they are simply reading through your content, not just when they are in shopping mode. This becomes easy thanks to the magic of the Embeddable Buy Buttons.  These buttons facilitate the shoppers to purchase directly from the e-commerce website. This impulsive habit of buying is decisive in the present competitive era of digitization.


The above beauty blog of “Amala” illustrates the importance of positioning the CTA. It also depicts the presence of buying buttons, helping the visitors in swift purchasing of their selected items.

The Bottom Line

The segment of e-commerce has been growing at a phenomenal pace and it is imperative that you and your business should device a sound digital marketing plan for 2019. In the present era, age and experience no longer necessarily determine your authenticity. Instead, people care about your ideas, content and your willingness to take risks and learn from mistakes. It helps significantly in giving the brand its unique identity and valuable clientele. Learn from 2018 and implement all of the above mentioned tips to articulate the perfect e-commerce blog strategy.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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