5 Ways to Create an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy this New Year

Influencer marketing has proven to be more than a flash in the pan. It has come to stay. With a sizable popularity within certain circles, influencers command attention and drive meaningful conversations on social media.  

Marketing campaigns have higher conversion rates when they are targeted at niche audiences who have an existing need for displayed products. Influencer marketing ticks the box in this regard.  

Social media influencers were high-in-demand by brands in 2018. Having generated good Return on Investments (ROI), more brands are engaging their services this year.

Here are five ways to create an effective influencer marketing strategy in 2019.

  1. Look beyond Instagram

For many brands, Instagram is the “it” medium for influencer marketing. Although it’s very effective, it isn’t all there is. There are several other useful social networks. Each of them brings something unique to the table.

Brands thrive the most on platforms they resonate with. Put your money where your market is. Before booking that influencer because they are very popular on Instagram, check that your target audiences are on Instagram.  If they aren’t, you may not get favorable results. There are big influencers on other channels that are most suitable for your brand. Work with them instead.

  1. Host an influencer event

Gone are the days when influencers run after brands. The tables have turned.  Some of them receive tons of offers from brands, hence, they are becoming more selective of the ones they associate with. You need to devise creative ways to make them interested in working with you.

Organize an event to give them a nice treat. These are celebrities in their own rights. The party should be classy and glamorous. Create an atmosphere for them to enjoy themselves while they check out your latest product.

Having influencers at your party gives you the opportunity to interact with them one on one about your brand. This gives them an in depth understanding of your brand, and enables them to sell it to their audience in the most natural way. You also begin to enjoy brand awareness right away as they post live videos and updates from the party.

  1. Think the long haul

Brands are quick to jump onto the rave-of-the moment influencer to promote their products. You may get the buzz you desire but not for so long. If the influencer doesn’t last beyond their five minutes of fame, your product goes into extinction with them.

Creating one-off digital marketing campaigns with every trending influencer is both money and time consuming. You spend scarce resources getting them on board. Identify with influencers in your niche who have remained relevant and consistent over a long period of time. These sorts of influencers have more credibility with their followers because they have been on the scene for long. They must be doing something right to still be relevant.

Having repeated campaigns with influencers enables their audiences to become familiar with your brand. You also get to enjoy a good relationship with the influencers as they’ll be more comfortable working with you.

  1. Be creative

With more brands jumping on the train of influencer marketing, there’s the tendency for it to become hackneyed to the public. It loses its efficacy when this happens. To make people drawn to your influencer campaigns, you must think out of the box. Don’t toe the line of everyone else posting basic content online. Put your creative caps on and collaborate with your chosen influencers on strategic ways to pass your message across.

Influencer campaigns are more effective when they are personalized by the influencers. Think of ways to create synergy between your product and influencers on your campaigns.  

  1. Participate in the process

It’s called influencer marketing for a reason; the influencer is the convener of the message. However, you have a role to play as well. If your only association with an influencer is your campaign, it’ll look unauthentic.

Build a relationship with your chosen influencers prior to your campaign launch. Interact with them online by sharing, reposting, commenting or mentioning them on your page.

When conversations arise from your campaign, join in. Engage your audience.

Influencer marketing makes your brand more distinctive online. You don’t necessarily have to be everywhere to make an impact. Having your brand name on the lips of the right influencers can make the difference. Consumers’ loyalty to their favorite influencers are extended to your brand by your mere association with them.

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