6 Invaluable Marketing Skills Your Team Should Possess

In today’s ever-changing digital world, it’s becoming more and more necessary for marketers to wear multiple hats, including but certainly not limited to: social media wizard, compelling storyteller and data analyst. However, whilst it all sounds great in theory, the truth of the matter is that no one single person can possess all of the many skills and qualities necessary to keep up with the ever-changing pace that the world of digital demands.

That’s why, and it really goes without saying you need a marketing team to really be able to push your marketing efforts to new heights. The question that remains is this: how exactly do you work out what your current marketing team needs to excel? To shed a light on the matter, we’re discussing some invaluable marketing skills and qualities any team should have.

  1. Prioritization

Truthfully speaking, this point could be applied to any job role, ever. However, as many marketers will know all too well, there is always something that needs to be done, but how exactly do you approach that? The answer is: prioritization. The ability to effectively prioritize tasks is key for any marketer, as there will always be new ideas and opportunities, but it is just not feasible to undertake them all— some inevitably have to come before others. Marketers with impressive prioritization skills will know that goal-setting is integral to productivity and everything else they set out do. Once a goal is set, it’s about undertaking the most important tasks to reach said goal, and knowing what to set aside or say no to.

  1. Collaboration

Again, this is another point that could be applied to roles within any industry. Teamwork is a key aspect of any job, but this is particularly the case with marketing. As mentioned before, in today’s digital world is just isn’t realistic for one single person to possess all of the skills and qualities necessary to excel your business’ marketing. It becomes much too general, when what you actually want to strive for is specialists. Your social media specialists can work alongside your email specialists, who can collaborate with your analytical specialists, who also work hand in hand with your SEO specialists. Collaboration is vital for any marketing team to succeed, as almost every aspect of marketing intertwines with another.

  1. Analytical skills

Following on from and expanding on the previous point, all marketing teams should ideally have an analytical specialist, as interpreting data is integral to any and all aspects of marketing— from social media, to content creation, SEO and email. It really is all about data, and so it is imperative for you to have someone in your team who can interpret the data presented in insights and translate it into actionable goals. That said, it is also just as important for every member of your team to be somewhere on the analytics expertise scale. After all, if as a marketer you do not even have a base layer of knowledge as to how you are currently performing or how well you did in the past, how are you supposed to improve?

  1. Drive and curiosity

As previously mentioned, today’s digital world is ever-changing. Hardly a day can go by without a shift in trends, or a new algorithm change rolling out on yet another platform. That’s why it’s important for any marketer, whether it be an SEO specialist or social media guru, to have the drive to learn on a daily basis. It’s important for every individual in your marketing team to have the capability to adapt to these changes effectively, or risk being left behind.

  1. Patience

With the previous point in mind, it is important to consider the fact that there is no one recipe, or no one size fits all for digital marketing. In this ever-changing field, the key to figuring out what works and what does not work for your brand specifically is testing, and having the patience to be able to do so. Ideally, your marketing team should be prepared to step out of their comfort zone, and be willing to take chances with certain tasks, projects and campaigns. That is the only way to truly understand what works for you and your audience.

  1. Creativity in content

Content is arguably the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. Why? The answer is simple: content not only helps you to build lasting, meaningful connections with your target audiences, but it also acts as fuel for all of your other marketing techniques. Strong, quality content, whatever the format, can help your brand to become more visible online, both in terms of SEO and social media. Don’t be mistaken in assuming that content is simply long-form blog articles though — content can take many forms, from video, to email and beyond, and it is all about figuring out what content formats perform well for your brand.

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