How to Spread Christmas Cheer on Your Business Social Media

It’s just a few days to Christmas. The streets are decorated with festive lights, trees and all things beautiful to reflect the joy of the season. The airwaves are bursting with old and new Christmas tunes.

It doesn’t end offline. The online space is filled with the euphoria as well. These are exciting times on social media.

What are you doing to spread the Christmas cheer on your business social media?

The smart retailer leverages the holiday to promote their brand. With a rising need for products to commemorate the festivities, consumers receive suitable marketing campaigns with open arms.

Our social media feeds are buzzing with series of holiday messages and campaigns. Don’t end the year without giving your customers something to look back to.  Add your voice to the Christmas song on everyone’s lips.

Check out four ways to spread the holiday cheer on your business social media.

  1. Decorate your profile

What would Christmas be without the decorations? There’s a mood for every season. It sets the pace for things to flow. Your social media profiles are open to all who land on your pages. Spice up your cover photos with holiday themed graphics. Use specific colors and symbols synonymous with the holiday.

A well-defined brand has a purpose, what’s yours? Create more impact with your profile decoration by aligning it with your brand’s purpose. Whatever you do, a Santa hat shouldn’t be missing on your profile.

  1. Create a Christmas video

Have you seen holiday videos from the big brands? Now is the time put all your holiday creative juices to work. Making a good Christmas video isn’t a walk in the park. Yes, it’s time consuming, but’s worth every second.

Aim to make an impression with your video. It doesn’t have to be Hollywood standard. Manage the little resources at your disposal. With the right techniques, you can pull it off. A good smartphone can stand in place of a high-end camera.  

Keep it short and simple.

What message do you want to send to your followers? You can give them something to laugh over with some humor, or make them nostalgic with a strong emotional message.

A holiday video well executed gets shared on social media. You might be in for a pleasant surprise to see it go viral.

  1. Hold a UGC holiday contest

You are used to creating content for the consumption of your audience. How about you flip the coin this one time? Open your doors to User Generated Content (UGC); it’s great for online PR.

Ask your followers on social media to create content for your brand. Besides giving them the opportunity to offer value, you also generate engagement and exposure.

Pick a Christmas oriented concept. Wrap it around your brand. Take it a notch higher by creating a hashtag for it. Encourage your followers to partake in it by announcing prices for the best contents. Drive engagement by reposting created contents on your pages for your followers to see.

It’d be easy for you to pick the winners from the participants, but that’d take away the engagement you desire. Leave it to your followers to decide. All the nominations and deliberations will generate a lot of buzz about your brand.

  1. Do giveaways

As cliché as it may seem, giveaways are very important at festivities. There’s no better time to share things with people. Families and friends go all the way to share their time and resources with their loved ones. Your customers are part of your business family, so share with them too.

Giveaways aren’t meant to be complex. Followers shouldn’t be made to hit their heads on the wall just to get something. They are called giveaways for a reason. This is one of the ways to say thank you to your customers for their patronage throughout the year.

Be like Santa. Find the simplest excuses to give out something. Ask the easiest questions. Even if no one gets the questions right, find a way around it. Add some humor to it. Let everyone have fun at it.

Spreading the Christmas cheer on your business social media is mutually beneficial to both your followers and your business. Keep the formality of business aside. Now is the time to show your followers the fun part of your brand. Don’t get carried away with trying to promote your business. Focus more on the festive spirit. When you set the mood right, your business will naturally shine through it.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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