6 Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategies for the Holiday

The dynamic of social media marketing changes at different times. For the holiday, things switch up to the fun part. There’s a race among retailers to meet up with the high consumer demand. The holiday atmosphere plays a big role in the consumer online behavior. Your social media marketing campaign is more effective when it aligns with the season.

Here are six social media marketing campaign strategies for the holiday.

1. Create disappearing stories

Disappearing stories are trendy in online marketing. These stories consist of daily snippets recorded by individuals or organizations, and shared to their audience. After twenty-four hours, they disappear into thin air without a trace.

Snapchat was the first social network to introduce the concept back in 2011. About a year later, their users grew by ten million. It came as no surprise when Facebook and Instagram announced the feature on their platforms because the audience found it intriguing.

What makes disappearing content unique? Originality.

Marketing campaigns are often polished to create a perfect outlook. While they may achieve desired aims, they lack a natural appeal. Consumers are more drawn to content that reflect their everyday lives.

Make a video of yourself wishing your followers a happy holiday. There’s a provision to include a URL in your post. Talk briefly about your product, and add your product link in the space provided. Followers get to look it up for more information.

2. Run an appreciation campaign

The holiday presents the perfect excuse to be generous. There’s love in sharing. It’s been a rewarding experience for you in business, hasn’t it? Grab the opportunity to say thank you to your customers for their patronage and loyalty

There are loyal followers on your page – those who always engage you and share your content. They deserve a path on the back for their effort. Track your shares this season, and reward those with the highest number of shares.

Ask basic questions about your brand, and randomly pick winners from those who answered the questions correctly.

3. Stage a photo contest

Photo contests are great for digital public relations. They create excitement among your customers. Pick a unique product of yours, and ask your customers to create a holiday-themed photo with it.

Give them the freedom to be as creative as possible. You’ll be amazed at the kinds of pictures you’ll receive. Encourage them to post the pictures on their pages, and tag you. That way, they create a buzz about your brand. You get to bond with your customers and promote your brand at the same time.

4. Create an advent calendar

Keep your customers engaged with an advent calendar this holiday. Roll out an exclusive content to them every single day throughout the season. Your content should be useful to them in some ways.

Do you know your customer demographics? Use this knowledge to create content they’ll resonate with. Map out a schedule for sharing the content, so they can make themselves available to receive it.

5. Create social media holiday discounts

Let your social media audience know that they aren’t wasting their time and data keeping up with you online. Offer them an exclusive discount. You may decide to give a general discount in the spirit of the season. However, the one for your social media audience should be more rewarding.

Post links of products with the discounts you are offering. Keep track of the links, and reward customers who make purchases through them. Or better still, you could give out vouchers on your social media pages.

6. Collaborate with micro influencers

One of the 2018 digital marketing lessons learned is that influencer marketing generates a lot of buzz about brands. You don’t have to break the bank to be able afford one. Micro influencers can be used to give your brand a push, generating favorable outcomes.

Depending on your brand value, you could offer them some of your products in exchange for their endorsement. The campaign doesn’t have to be so technical or complex. You could simply ask them to make a video talking about your product and how useful it is this holiday. This can give you the right amount of buzz you need.

A great social media marketing campaign gives you the edge you need over your competitors this season. Consumers are all about the celebrations. Anything contradicting can wait for later. Channel your creativity into the holiday vibes and create a customized holiday experience for your social media community.

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