Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies that can be Helpful for Your Business in 2019

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” it is one of the most famous quotations by Bill Gates. According to facts and figures, more than 55% of customers don’t trust a business if it doesn’t have a website.

It is a huge point of discussion and to think about all the opportunity a business can achieve by having a website with robust digital marketing strategies behind.

We have researched to the core and bring some kickass digital marketing strategies to boost your business like a skyrocket.

1. Search Engine Optimization

If we are talking about digital marketing than SEO is something that can make you achieving great results without bursting money on paid marketing.  It is a fact that Google’s algorithm is something very confusing at the beginning, but as you start grasping how it is working for your business website the more, you will get clear about its factors more.

An easy but effective strategy with your website SEO is shifting your old HTTP website to new HTTPS protocol. It is handy as more than 70% of site ranking in Google’s first page on any query is HTTPS.

So, putting your website on secured protocol will going to help you rank better in SERPs.

2. Email Marketing

Most of the online marketing experts think that it is a dying strategy for getting good ROI, but if you use this correctly, it will provide excellent results. According to the survey, Email marketing offers more than 120% return on investment. It is way higher than other digital marketing channels like social media and paid search.

Use these simple tips to get the best results with Email Marketing:

  • Write catchy subject lines
  • Write plain and understandable content in the email body
  • Use bullets, heading, and subheadings to break the material
  • Optimize email according to the mobile user

3. PPC Marketing

PPC is one of the most successful ways to generate sales-ready leads. PPC works on breaking your bank account, but it can give useful results if used optimally.

There are many advantages to using this strategy as you can reach your customer whenever you want, high ROI, control on investment, instant results, and in-depth insights.

Within a PPC campaign, you need to use your budget smartly because it can eat all the money in a short period.

If you are new to the online business industry, you need to have a certain kind of expert to manage your campaigns to get more conversions than clicks.

4. Influencer Marketing

It is an excellent strategy to catch your customer very quickly. According to a study, more than 90% of marketers think that it is an effective strategy for new and old businesses to get good ROI.

The main advantage of this strategy is it doesn’t need a huge budget to run.

Using this strategy, the main advantages you will get is it is easy to implement and build the trust of your customer. It is inexpensive and engages your customer to the business.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the biggest platforms of the Digital Marketing industry. By nailing this marketing strategy, you can build a vast customer base and audience for your brand. This strategy can work on automation like you can post the content whenever you got to know with the insights that your targeted audience is reading and engaging with your content.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind before implementing this digital marketing strategy:

  • Create extremely catchy visuals
  • Use the plain but interesting text
  • Hire some influencers to get posted on their social media pages
  • Reciprocate with other popular channels
  • Use automation tools like ViralTag and Hootsuite.
  • In-depth research of your audience base
  • Analysis the insights accurately and schedule your posts accordingly

6. Remarketing

Last but not least using remarketing as your digital marketing strategy will build the trust of your targeted audience. A report says that customers like to see relevant ads rather than irrelevant and spammy ads. Many people suggested that they would want to have an ad filter than an ad blocker.

Big brands who want to engage their customers need to figure out that how to reach their customer with ads on relevant platforms; it can give user better experience.

Using remarketing can boost the chances of getting a conversion by 2X.

Use these given tips to sharp your remarketing strategies:

  • Target all the website users
  • Target similar audience
  • Use up-sell or cross-sell for existing customers
  • Reconnect with the users with abandoned carts
  • Reach to the existing customer again after a specific period
  • Use multiple languages targeting
  • Schedule ads on the best time slots


By following these six digital marketing strategies, you can skyrocket your business for the entire year of 2019. If you have any problem at any point contact any good digital marketing agency to assist you. 

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