4 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Customers this End of Year

The end of year is a time for thanksgiving. Not only are we thankful for making it through the year, we are also thankful to those who made it worthwhile. Friends and family who were there for us through thick and thin. We wrap our gifts, beautifully, just to show them how much we appreciate them.

But wait a minute. As an entrepreneur, aren’t you forgetting to acknowledge some very important people? Your customers.

Think of it this way: your customers are the reason you are still in business. But for their patronage, you’d have no resources to stay afloat. They are most likely the reason why you can afford to give your loved ones the treat they deserve from your pocket. Perhaps that family vacation you are planning on going may not have been possible without them. Wouldn’t it be rather ungrateful to not say thank you to your customers?

Here are four ways to say thank you to your customers at the end of year:

  1. Send handwritten notes

Digital marketing is the trend. In just a few minutes, you can draft a single message, and email it to all your customers at once. But that’s too easy. You need a more special way to show your customers how valuable they are to you.

Writing individual letters may be time consuming and exhausting, but it goes to show your customers just how much you value them. It doesn’t have to be long. Make it brief.

Don’t write a generic letter to everyone. You know your customers, don’t you? Personalize each message. Endeavor to send them out early, so they don’t arrive late.

  1. Organize a holiday event

Throwing a holiday party is a great way to say thank you to your customers this end of year. Not only does it humanize your brand, it also enhances your relationship with them. This is the one opportunity for everyone to be in the same room without talking about business. It’s nothing but fun.

You don’t have to worry about making huge expenses for the event. Most people are busy this time of year. Many of them won’t show up, but your invite sends the message across to them. You don’t have to go all out to provide heavy refreshment. Keep it simple with cocktails.

The location doesn’t have to be so fancy. If your office is spacious, you can have it well-decorated with a holiday theme. Or better still, have it at a local restaurant. You get to interact with your customers, and know the faces behind the names you come across in the course of business.

  1. Offer gifts

Clients don’t always expect to be given things for free. It’s the other way round in the business dynamics. Clients pay for the products or services they are rendered. A little change in this routine would be good.  

This is your opportunity to give them something. Thank you gifts to customers can be in form of products or services. If you are dealing with many customers, you obviously have to keep it small, so you don’t spend too much. Choose the one that suits your business more. If you are in healthcare for example, you might offer free consultation on specific days. Inform your customers early enough, so those who are interested will make out time to be there.

Customized souvenirs are good too; they are less expensive and personalized. Engrave your brand on the surface, and write a few words. A little pen from you to a customer is better than nothing.

  1. Give out tickets to exciting events

There are many events lined up for holiday celebrations – comedy shows, musical concerts, carols and stage plays among others. Your customers may be in dire need of tickets to attend and have a good time. Why not pull off a surprise on them by making these tickets available on a platter of gold?

Given the nature of your business, your customers may be drawn to certain events. Make sure the events you are inviting them to aren’t on the extreme. The idea is for them to have fun. You don’t want them to get bored and wish they never attended.

Saying thank you to your customers at the end of the year sets the pace for a good business relationship the following year. As you wrap up your holiday sales, this single act will earn you a spot on their list of businesses to patronize. It’s only natural for people to go to places they feel appreciated.

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