4 Ways to Increase Your Brand Visibility Online for the Holidays

The place of visibility in business cannot be undermined. It’s brings your business to the consumer’s consciousness. Maximum visibility used to be the prerogative of big brands who could afford spending thousands of dollars on advertising – a privilege small businesses didn’t have. However, times have changed. Web 2.0 has broken that monopoly, giving businesses of all sizes a chance to play fairly in getting seen. What are you doing to increase your brand visibility online this holiday?

People are fascinated by the idea of buying things for the celebrations. Retailers who make themselves conspicuous are the first choices for shopping. No one has the time to look under a rock to spend their own money.

Smart businesses are everywhere. At every turn, they are dangling their products at the consumer. It’s only a matter of time before the consumer patronizes them.

Here are four ways to give your brand more visibility online this holiday:

  1. Get organic traffic via SEO

Search Engine Optimization is every marketer’s friend. Why? It’s result-driven. The internet is like that busy market in your neighborhood. In the midst of the chaos, everyone is going about their business. Buyers scout for sellers offering what they need, make a purchase, and leave.

With millions of contents published online on a daily basis, leaving the visibility of yours to chance is defeatist. Be proactive. Use relevant keywords in your niche and tweak them to land a spot on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to get positive outcomes.

We can’t all be SEO experts. You can hire professionals who will give you value for your money. Don’t have a budget for that? It’s the self-learning age with the internet, roll up your sleeves and go dig for all the SEO expert tips you need.

  1. Relate with prospective customers with content marketing

Products are being thrown in the consumer’s face. Rigorous marketing techniques can sometimes be distasteful to the consumer. No one likes to be disturbed. Try an engaging approach like content marketing.

Content marketing can be used to increase your brand visibility online for the holidays. It exposes your brand to a target audience who has a need for your products. This existing need in the audience gives you their attention. There’s a willingness to hear you out. What you say about your brand and how you say it, determine their reactions.

Seasoned digital marketers understand the rudiments of content marketing. They sell the product value above the product itself. It isn’t about getting the consumer’s money, but given them reasons to willingly part with their money in exchange for value.

  1. Leverage social media

Your business is probably on social media already. The question is, are you truly harnessing the opportunities abound? Building a following on social media is a gradual process – one that requires hard work and consistency. But the holidays are here already, there isn’t time to build a following. You need immediate results.

Hashtags are great for putting your brand out there instantly. And no, you don’t have to create one for yourself to enjoy the benefits. There are already existing trending hashtags in your niche. Compile a list and jump on them. Create a schedule, and post about your brand using the hashtags. It doesn’t matter the number of followers you have, hashtags expose your brand to thousands and millions of people.

For better results, search for trending hashtags in your locality. That way, your audience are people who can easily patronize you without geographical barriers.

Join trending conversations related to your niche. Many eyes are reading those messages. If you are interesting enough to catch their attention, they’ll check out your page out of curiosity. If they like what they see, they’ll reach out to you.

  1. Position your brand for mobile-first indexing

It’s no news that desktop and laptop computers come second place to smartphones. Consumers are truly living up to the mobility of today’s world. Interactivity is on the go.

Recognizing opportunities abound in the mobile space, Google created the mobile-first indexing. Web contents indexed for mobile are giving priority. Users are offered a mobile-friendly browsing experience when they surf the net on their smartphones.

If your site isn’t indexed for mobile, your content will be missing when searched for on mobile devices. In other words, you place your brand in an unfavorable position.

There’s no limit to how far you can push your brand online. With various tools at your disposal, it’s important that you choose what works for you to increase your brand visibility online. Aim to satisfy your customers and enhance their holiday experience.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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