6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing

Before, artificial intelligence (AI) was nothing beyond a movie plot (A.I Artificial Intelligence, 2001). It has since been quite a buzzword. No one thought it would jump-start industry projects like Apple’s smart personal assistant, Siri, and Amazon’s refined machine-learning algorithm that accurately suggests Product Recommendations based on consumer behavior. As it turns out, that was just the beginning.

From self-driving cars and smart home devices and systems, AI is constantly revamping operations across various industries especially workplace. With the advancement being incorporated into digital devices and services, it’s slowly transforming the field of marketing.

Consumers and businesses alike can find AI in their day-to-day routines and brand operations. It’s present through aspects like the Internet of Things, machine learning, and big data – these will eventually help push AI to reach its full potential.

As a result, the technology is being injected into different digital marketing methods. To enlighten you, here are the different ways artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the industry:

  1. The Emergence of Automation

A lot of the trends in digital marketing ran through a series of A/B testing to find out what works and what doesn’t, so they can be implemented in marketing automation strategies. The analytical tools available today are more meticulous and constantly adapts to the process. It “learns” and adjusts along the way. This tones down a lot of guesswork compared to what was practised in traditional advertising and marketing.

Thanks to AI and machine learning, automation can be utilized to understand and learn consumer behavior as well as their buying patterns. The better it reads consumers, the easier it is for advertisers to work on marketing strategies that will better target their buying preferences.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Personalization is what gets your foot in the door when it comes to marketing. AI largely contributes to creating marketing strategies that maximize individualized content based on data gathered by customers, which allows marketers to tailor a campaign for each segment. Smart email categorization for targeted email campaigns is one example of personalization that generates leads.

Another recent technology making rounds in the digital marketing industry is augmented reality (AR). AI and AR can be merged and help in introducing products and services to customers before they make a purchase. They are free to get a sense of the product through AR without even bothering to go to a store to physically see and feel the product.

  1. Precise Calculation of Consumer Behavior

AI feeds on data-driven processes and analytics. With the help of this technology that collects and stores these types of information, digital marketers are able to evaluate customer buying patterns. This allows them to develop a more accurate system and customer profiles that will help target specific markets.

As the years go by, AI will only deliver a more streamlined analysis of consumer behavior. Which will help marketers cultivate more personalized and effective marketing campaigns that will meet consumer needs and wants

  1. Insight Integration

The more progressive AI becomes, the more useful its function for gathering and consolidating data from various software will be ineffectively pinning down target markets. This will ignite marketers to curate customized digital marketing campaigns according to consumer profiles and their buyer journey.

AI’s ability to scan through and digest massive datasets in a more intricate way than any other methods available makes automation more advanced.

  1. Chatbots as the Face of Customer Support

Another tool you’ll find in a marketer’s bag of tricks is chatbots. Companies, big and small, make use of this smart tool. You’ll find these welcoming you on various websites, taking basic information, and fulfilling requests. These automated programs are getting more and more deconstructed as the technology progresses.

Facebook opened the door for brands to integrate a chatbot tool for business accounts via the Messenger app. This move made it easy for users to reach out to brands for customer inquiries.

Customer support teams that oversee brands’ social media channels and other platforms are well and great. But, it can become too costly. What pushes companies to use chatbots is its efficiency. It can attend to multiple inquiries at once, without the need for a 24/7 customer service representatives on duty. As a result, the waiting time is decreased, and customer experience is boosted.

  1. Voice Search and Speech Recognition

Users have moved beyond going on a search engine and typing an inquiry. Today, you can ask your personal voice assistant about the weather forecast or where the nearest grocery store is. This is arguably AI’s most impressive contribution by far. People can now ask virtual assistant like Siri, Google, and Alexa, to turn on their TVs, remind them about their meetings, or even book an Uber.

A recent report from TechCrunch says Microsoft’s speech recognition systems only had an error rate of 5.1%, the lowest percentage to date. Sooner than later, people will have a more personalized conversation with their virtual assistants.

Artificial Intelligence has only scratched the surface. Machine learning and automation are expected to make tasks easier for a more refined system. This not only saves digital marketers time and effort but also money.

AI isn’t a threat that will take on existing jobs. Its innovative structure is tailored to make specific, repetitive, and complex tasks uncomplicated, such as chatbots carrying the heavy weight off of customer representatives. Meanwhile, marketers are boosting their email open-rate and click-through-rate, thanks to smart automation.

As a digital marketer and business owner, you can’t escape the wave of technology. So, it’s best that you embrace it and use its functionality to your advantage.

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