6 Ways Financial Advisors Can Take Advantage of Content Marketing

If you are a financial advisor willing to take advantage of content marketing, the first thing you need to focus on is the information.

Why do people read content?

They either want to find some useful information or they have some query in mind. So, you are required to address those queries as well as provide them the useful information in an exciting way. It will create trust among the readers about your content. They will approach you when they need specific advice.

We have to consider content marketing in two aspects – what content marketing is in general, and its industry-specific requirements.

In general, content marketing is a way to promote products or services by providing relevant information. In addition, content marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process.

Here are some aspects of content marketing which you must follow.

    • Content should be written as per SEO requirements. It should be enriched with proper keywords, appropriate titles, required backlinks and more.
    • Content should be informative. Google does not give significance to the material that is written just for the search engines and not for the users. So, you have to keep user requirements in mind.
    • Content should be engaging.
    • It is recommended to first understand the requirements of users through social media forums and online surveys. It helps writing the content according to the needs of the readers.
  • It should be tried to post the content on the reputed websites.

These are some of the requirements of content marketing that are applicable to every industry. The next thing to consider is how to use it to increase your financial advisor business.

1. Identify What You Want to Convey to Readers

Content is a source of information. But the primary thing that every content writer or marketer has to keep in mind is what he/she wants to convey to the readers. If this is not clear, you will not be able to educate the readers.

Identifying your goal to write eases the process. You can understand what message you want to convey to the readers.

Here’s what to do:

    • Tell people about the latest financial issues in the market. Educate them on how to deal with them.
  • People may have a number of questions about loans, insurance, the stock market, daily life financial issues and a lot more. Research them over social media and other forums as well as through online or mobile surveys and solve them in your content.

2. Select the Appropriate Channels

It is not possible to post everywhere. Select the channels where you could reach more people. Choosing the appropriate channel will help you promote your content in front of the appropriate audience.

You first need to focus on your own website. Work on the content of your site. The webpage content should engage the audience. Maintain a blog space, where you could provide the finance related information as well as info regarding your services to the readers.

Pay attention to some external content that can act as a gateway to your website. Use some reputed article and blog sites and make guest posts on the websites with similar themes of yours.

Social media is a significant platform for promotion. Post relevant information through social media and provide the links to your content on these sites.

3. Choose the Type of Content

Choose your specialization so that individuals can directly come to you when they have a need. Add other types of content from time to time to showcase your versatility.

While selecting keywords, give special attention to the specific keywords as per your specialization.

4. Maintain Consistency in Posting Content

Once you have started the content marketing process, stay consistent. Post at least twice or thrice a week. Choose a schedule so that the readers could follow your blog posts.

Bear in mind that if your content is not regularly updated, you lose the regular readers who are most likely potential customers.

5. Give Time to Promotion

Creating content is not just sufficient. You also need the readers and followers who may turn to your clients. Give more time to the promotion of content as compared to creating the content.

Some of the channels for promotion include syndication, republishing, or guest posting, social media, and email lists.

6. Track and Measure the Outcome

After accomplishing all the processes, you need to measure the outcome of your content marketing. It allows you to understand where you are successful and where you are not. Make the required changes and can continue with where you get the most success.

Understanding SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization) requirements boosts your understanding of content marketing. You get to increase the visibility of your content as well as the website, giving you more clients in your financial advisor business.

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