How to Get a Chunk of Your Customers Christmas Shopping Budget

Christmas sales account for about 40% of all annual shipping. Who are the people behind the shopping? Consumers. The reason for this isn’t far fetched. Christmas is one of the biggest festivities in the world. Hence, it’s widely celebrated.

To prevent themselves from going on an unending shopping spree, consumers often put themselves on a shopping budget. They make a list of the most important items they need, and stick to it.

Regardless of the budget size, there are many retailers jostling for it. You don’t want to miss out. Little bits of various customers budget amount to bountiful holiday sales.

Here are four ways to get a chunk of your customers Christmas budget:

  1. Take your products to customers

You open up your store for business, and wait on customers to come through. If you are lucky, you make sales, otherwise, you are stuck with your goods. This has been the norm since time immemorial. However, with many eyes fixated on the consumer’s budget at Christmas, waiting on them to come to you might not be so productive. They might encounter irresistible offers from the competition along the way, making them part with the money.

Don’t take chances.

As customers sit in the comfort of their homes, take your products to them. You save them the trouble of having to go sort out products from the lot on the market, and also increase your chances of making sales.

Compile your must-have Christmas products, and send them to your subscribers in your marketing campaigns such as email newsletters. How well you present these products influences the consumer buying decision.

As much as you are aware that the consumer needs the products, don’t dwell in that knowledge. Highlight the need for the products. Pretend you are introducing them to someone who is seeing them for the very first time. By the time they are done reading your message, they should be interested in buying.

  1. Intensify your digital PR

This isn’t the time to fold your arms and wait on your products to sell themselves. Yes, good products sell themselves, but only after they are sold to some people. Besides, Christmas is seasonal, you have to make the most of the opportunity.

Smart brands are putting their products out there as much as possible.  In a competitive market, brands with the most exposure have an edge over others. What are you doing about your brand promotion?

Digital is the new cool. Your customers are online. Get through to them via digital PR. It’s a systematic way of communicating with your target audience to drive favorable actions towards your products.

Identify your targets and speak to them in a familiar language. Place your PR campaigns on platforms they are exposed to. Hire the services of digital PR experts to create results-driven campaigns for your brand.

  1. Incentivize customers

There’s no better time for consumers to get the best deals than the holidays. They put certain purchases on hold, in anticipation of discounts offered during Christmas. Brands that get the most attention are those that meet this need.

Technically, price reduction is a discount. But in the customer’s eye, a discount is valid when there’s a disparity between the usual price and discount price. That way, they are spurred to make a purchase as soon as possible.

Good discounts are better offered on products with high profit. Slash the prices down to a level where you can still make some profit, but not just as much as you used to.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

It’s human nature to desire things that aren’t always available to them. Consumers downplay products that are constantly available and easily accessible. Such products are often sidelined.

Create scarcity and urgency for your products.

As you showcase your products to your customers, point out that they are high in demand and running out of stock. Collect customer feedback about your products and showcase their testimonials as evidence.

Highlight products with the biggest discounts. Don’t leave your discounts open for long, fix a closing date. Do a countdown to the end of the discount period, and send reminders to your customers. As the discount comes to end, remind customers of all the benefits they stand to miss.

Everyone wants a memorable Christmas holiday. Consumers shopping is geared towards achieving that goal. Offer them real value for their money. A good customer experience is precedent for continuous patronage.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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