5 Ways to Have Merry Sales this Christmas

The curtains of the year are falling down. Christmas is around the corner. Everyone is warming up to the festivities. There are many reasons to be merry. In the spirit of the season, people are buying things more than ever. A gift to oneself, friends and family, comes handy.

According to reports by the National Retail Federation (NRF), Christmas sales make up 30% of sales in the whole year. It’s an opportunity for marketers to make some money in exchange for their products. But that’s only if they are prepared. It’s all about planning. You can be one of the many sellers who smile to the bank in this season. Don’t know how to go about it?

Here are five ways to have merry sales this Christmas:

  1. Promote your brand strategically   

Christmas is a time to splurge. But with the fierce competition among brands, only the most strategic brands enjoy it.  Put your brand out there as much as you can. However, this isn’t the time for dogged marketing. Your promotional efforts must be strategic.

Use digital PR to subtly promote your products in line with the celebration. Reiterate the reason for the season. Acknowledge the importance of the occasion. Show consumers that you resonate with their experiences. Tell relatable stories with your brand through content marketing and inbound marketing. Let their buying decision be a part of the celebration.

  1. Create a mobile strategy

You already have a website, don’t you? That’s a good one. But is your website mobile friendly? Gone are the days when people had to sit in front of a computer to surf the internet. Nowadays, it’s mostly done on mobile devices.

A lot of products are being searched online this season. People are looking for the best deals to make a purchase. You can be rest assured that they aren’t waiting to get on their desktop or laptop computer to do that. With their mobile phone in hand, they can buy a whole store.  

Having only desktop optimization obstructs the user experience on mobile. With the recent Google mobile-first indexing, there are preferences for mobile browsing. As people make searches on mobile, they are directed to sites with mobile indexing. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you automatically lose sales opportunities.

  1. Stock up Christmas-friendly products

It’s a great disservice to yourself to not have products that are high in demand this season. It’s Christmas, there are certain products that people are drawn to at this time. Just like Christmas trees, some items are highly sought after.

Pander to the sentiments of consumers.  

Look around you. What items are everyone buying? Follow market trends in your industry, and stock up highly ranked products.

  1. Interact with existing customers

Marketers sometimes get carried away with looking for new customers, they neglect the existing ones. It’s more profitable to do business with existing customers than new ones. The former already have some trust in you, so it’s easier for them to patronize you. Leverage the season to solidify your relationship with them.

Create Christmas themed email newsletters containing specific products. Send them to customers on your subscription list. Remember, it’s a special season, be fun and exciting. Inform customers about how each product will enhance their holiday experience. In other words, sell the value.

There’s no better time to say a big “thank you” to your existing customers than now. Do giveaways and offer special discounts.

  1. Automate your sales operations

When you follow the above steps, you are sure to have a blast of sales. However, high Christmas sales can have a negative impact on your business if you don’t have the mercenaries to manage things.

A surge of orders can leave you confused. There’s the tendency to keep customers waiting for too long or mixing up their orders.  You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Make use of e-commerce automation tools to finetune your sales operations.

You can automate sorting out orders so you don’t leave out any. Track delivery to ensure that all orders are sent out.  Manage your inventory for accurate checks and balances. It’s important that you know your revenue and profit made this season so as to plan better for next year.

There’s so much love to go around at Christmas. As you gear up to make high sales, don’t lose sight of the reason for the season. Make it a priority to serve your customers. With that in place, your sales efforts will be fluid.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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