5 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Blog Content

That eureka moment when you get a great idea for your next blog content is mind-blowing. Your fingers begin to itch in anticipation of hitting the letters on your keyboard. Not only do you get to share this amazing idea with your readers, it will also avail your blog a new window for traffic.

Series of research precede the actual writing of the content. You are done. The post turned out as great as the idea. After dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s, you hit the publish button. And wait eagerly for the traffic to start pouring in. But nothing much is happening. The few page views you are seeing are far below your expectations.

What could have gone wrong?

Here are five ways to get more eyes on your blog content:

  1. Choose a trending topic

The internet plays host to over 3 million blog posts published every day. As you read this, more contents are being published. You need to implement every trick in the book to ensure that yours gets seen.

A good start is to write on trending topics. Producing content on a topic that everyone is talking about helps you beat the competition.

How do you identify trending topics?

Follow the news. Hot topics take the chunk of broadcast airtime and print space. As the media set the agenda by deliberating on these stories, they stir the interest of the audience to want to know more.

Read authority blogs in your niche. If the big blogs are writing about certain topics, it’s most likely because they have done their homework to know what the audience is interested in.

  1. Sharpen your search engine optimization skills

Writing on trending topics isn’t enough to get many eyes on your blog. You need to work harder to get the clicks. Direct domain traffic is a privilege enjoyed by the biggest blogs on the internet. Unless yours falls in that category, you have to devise other means.

Creating search-engine-friendly content is a good alternative. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that guarantees content visibility. Regardless of the competition in your niche, when done right, there’s the possibility of standing out from the crowd.

Use relevant keywords in your posts. Gone are the days when SEO thrived on keyword stuffing. In a bid to give online users more value, Google and the likes have raised the bar, laying emphasis on high quality content.

A keyword-stuffed content is sniffed from a thousand miles, and thrown into the trash. Keep the keywords moderate. The idea is to write for human consumption, and tactfully add keywords in strategic places. Let your post have a naturally flow.

  1. Write a killer title

So you are able to get it right with SEO, and your content comes up on the first page of search results. It becomes a battle of the titles. Online users skim search engine results in search of the most captivating titles.

At this point, they have no idea what the body of your post looks like. Writing great content with a poor title is a total waste. Many people won’t get to see the great content because your title doesn’t promise much.

Aim to write an irresistible title. When a reader comes across it, they should be restless until they click on it. You didn’t go through all that hassle to appear on the top page of search results, only to lose readers to a post with a more attention-grabbing title.

Don’t be in a hurry to write your title. Once you have the idea of your post, proceed with the content. Come back to the title when you are relaxed. Write several titles that come to mind, and pick from the list.

Read the titles out loud to hear how they sound in your ears. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes: which of these titles would you find irresistible?

  1. Leverage social media

Everyone is on social media. Well, not everyone, but you get the drift. Research shows that the number is over 3.16 billion people. Social media is indeed the future of online marketing.

First off, you must ensure that your blog content is top notch before getting social media traffic. When visitors are impressed with what they see, chances are that, they’ll bookmark your blog and visit regularly. If the reverse is the case, they’ll leave and never come back.

Share your blog posts on your social media timelines. Doing this exposes your content to a whole new set of audience. If you wrote a killer title as discussed above, be rest assured that most people will click on it to read the full content.

Not up to sharing every single content on social media manually? You can integrate your social media accounts to your blog, so every new post is re-posted automatically.

  1. Ask people to share your posts

We accomplish so much when we set our mind to it, but we accomplish much more with a little help from others. Having followed the above steps, your content will definitely be seen by many people. However, that number could be greater if you asked people to share it on their platforms.

Start with asking friends and family. They love you, and will be willing to share your content with their followers.

Reach out to fellow bloggers. People are more interested to do things when they stand to gain something from it. Make a deal with them to share their own content while they share yours.


Having your blog content read by many people is the least you deserve for the effort. Like most things in life, there are rules and tricks to get desired results. When you follow the above points, it won’t be business as usual. Be sure to have a good server, so your blog doesn’t crash due to too high traffic.

Feature Image Credit: rawpixel on Unsplash

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