How to Use Blogging as a Recruitment Tool

Blogging backs up business, right?

Unsurprisingly, almost everyone agrees with this. Indeed, business and blogging have become such inseparable companions that even small-scale businesses use a blog to promote their products and services. So, the business blog has become an essential tool meant to compete with thousands of other companies. It lays the business foundation, develops it and continues to maintain it as long as the business is going. In brief, customers see the business through the blog that a company represents on their website.

In this regard, blogging is beneficial at large in recruitment too. But, a handful of businesses have realized that it should be updated continuously. So, let’s see how blogging can be used as a tool in the process of recruitment. This is what you could do.

Openly highlight your culture

Recruiting the most efficient candidates is not easy. The picture you paint about the company in your blogs is what your probable employees will see. Company goals and expectations, its reputation and the kind of services it expects from the employees should be openly discussed in your blogs.

Also, you shouldn’t avoid discussing the salary, bonuses, certain privileges and the promotions they are likely to get. Emphasize the fact that the company expects them to be in good conduct and be honest with the firm all the time; as you should be with them.

Give employees a voice

Allocate a little room for the employees who are already in service to express their views about the company. Their reviews will be of great help to the newcomers that are interested in what you’re offering.

Employees’ ratings and ideas can influence the readers at large, and they are more likely to listen to your employees than a corporate head such as yourself. Therefore, leave a forum for the employees to write about the company.

Share posts on social media

You can persuade the audience to apply for job opportunities available in the company through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Social Media is a very effective way of reaching a large audience with your offers. Due to this, your messages and goals will reach thousands of people, many of which might be interested in working for you or using your services.

There’s one thing to look out for: your job descriptions should be informative and straightforward. Update them regularly, so there are no misunderstandings. When all the vacancies for a specific job are filled, you should delete it from the list to avoid unpleasant situations. If you don’t, the candidates who apply for it will be disappointed. It’s a threat to the reputation of your organization.

 Promote on-ground activities

A simple blog can promote recruitment to some extent as well. However, it’s also a great medium when it comes to promoting on-ground activities (which increase employee happiness). For instance, job fairs, visits to places such as campuses, conferences and meetups are some on-ground activities that widen the scope of your web.

Access to the internet is quite easy today, and that’s why online job campaigns are becoming more and more prevalent today. You should arrange a two-way communicative measure here as well; similar to what should be done with the reviews. There should be easy access for candidates to reach out and vice-versa. Reactions of candidates are quite valuable for the employers to get knowledge about their needs, interests, and views.

Add a recruitment form to your site

This is very practical and easy for job hunters. So, at the end of your blog, insert an application form for those who are interested in what you’re proposing. Just think of how happy they’d feel when they see the call to action (CTA) button ‘Apply Now!’. This way is far more beneficial to both parties than dull, paper-based forms.

On the other hand, it cuts down a load of work clerks and computer operators are supposed to do; they need not have to type candidates’ hand-written forms into the computer.

Moreover, the readers become more enthusiastic to browse your website when they see the recruitment form.

Whatever the case may be, presenting a recruitment form on your blog will make others hold you with respect; as a company that is serious about what it does.

Managed to catch everything we said? Good! You can use your regular business blog as a tool to make the recruitment process a success. And, it increases the amount of traffic to your website daily. It’s a huge plus for a business owner. Since there are no fixed rules and regulations to begin a business blog, businesses find it easy, time-saving and effective to create a blog. If you find it hard to design the site on your own, then, get the help of a web design service such as iPage. Review of iPage shows that you have to spend just a small amount of money to get it done.

Hurry up! Modernize your way of recruiting employees to your firm. Do it online through your daily blog and enjoy the benefits.

This is a guest post submission by Tiffany Watts.

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