6 SEO Best-Practices That Will Triple Your E-Commerce Sales

In recent years, e-commerce is becoming more prominent and seeing increased sales worldwide. E-commerce sales account for just 8% of total retail sales in the US and 14% in the UK, this is to show that e-commerce has a lot of potentials and ensuring you have the right marketing and sales tools in place will give you an unfair advantage to lead your market.

As an e-commerce business owner, making sales is vital for the survival of your business. You may also ask why SEO best practices are important to boost your e-commerce sales performance since there are different sales strategies to ensure the growth of your e-commerce business.

According to statistics from Fortune, Google and Facebook have the largest share of the online ad market, with the highest share of the 2015 ads revenue going to Google. This is to show that making sure your e-commerce business has a high ranking search engine result is a key factor to determine your business success. Also, according to another report, 43% of e-commerce traffic comes from organic search results (Google search) with Google Adwords coming close behind with 26%.

As seen from the above data backed facts, it is imperative that SEO strategies are essential needs to be implemented in your E-commerce sales strategy. It gives your e-commerce store the necessary visibility by showing the necessary keywords you want your store to rank for and also exhibiting higher authority over other businesses.

However, don’t be disturbed about the processes of implementing this in your website as this guide will show you the high-impact SEO practices you can use for your system to triple your e-commerce sales. If you are genuinely interested in the survival and success of your store, then continue reading as this post is what you need to fulfill that dream.

1. Optimize Category Pages with Keywords

In e-commerce, the method of ranking for keywords is slightly different from the general method on other niche websites. Here, you have to ensure you rank for different keywords on different pages of your website to reach the top of the SERPs.

Another technique for choosing keywords to rank for is to use modifiers to target your audience as ranking for general and high competitive keywords might be difficult. This gives you an edge to market your product to a more specific group of people who are searching for that specific product.

For example, if you try to rank for the keyword “hair extension” it might be a difficult challenge. But if you tweak the keyword to a more specific audience you will be able to market to people who are ready to buy and searching for that same keyword.

Also, while ranking for keywords, try to optimize the product pages and the category pages for different keywords. You can optimize the category pages for general keywords such as “hair extension” while you optimize the product pages for other keywords.

This will make these pages compete for different things.

2. Ensure Your Content is Valuable

In case you don’t know, your search engine rank is also dependent on how valuable your web content is to your store visitors. This process can be a little challenging because you need to find a way to make your e-commerce store content valuable.

When writing content for your e-commerce store, you have to write the product description as detailed and informative as possible.

Don’t just list out the features; write the benefits the users will get by using your product. This will make them take more time to go through your web content and won’t just leave the site as soon as they land on the site.

3. Link Building

White Hat link building is important to e-commerce sites as it is to other niche sites.

When setting up your e-commerce site you should put inbound links into consideration. You can do a research of high authority websites (you can do this by checking your competitors’ website to see which external links are pointing to their site) in your niche to know which site you should target for your link building strategy.

4. Effective Plugins

Having Social Media plugin on your e-commerce site is another great way of boosting your brand’s reputation and awareness. According to this report by Search Engine Land, it shows people tend to buy more when they access your online store via social media on your site. Integration of Social platforms like Facebook on your website is a great sales funnel strategy. This helps to drive traffic from the social platform to your website. Search engines like Google take note of the traffic coming to your website through social platforms and this, in turn, increase your search engine ranking.

Also, if you have essential sales funnel tools like Click funnel integrated on your website, you will be able to do the necessary follow up and generate more leads that convert without stress. Click funnel is a stress-free way to set up your sales funnel from start to finish and you can also create your store landing pages or home pages.

5. Organize Your Website’s Structure

You don’t want to give your visitors much stress when going through your website. While setting up your website, ensure your site is easy to navigate and use language and formatting that are streamlined to your target audience. Use proper formatting, let important options like the search bar and contact details be visible.

Ensuring proper formatting and structure is important to let your users have a great users experience when navigating through your website.

6. Analysis and Update

Using the right product keywords and thoughtful contents, building links and all other strategies you have put in place is not the end goal. The end goal is to have these converts and bring massive sales. SEO needs up-to-date analysis and you must keep up with the trend.

After setting up your website, put a system in place to analyze the progress of your sales strategy. This will let you know how you can get better and what other strategies to employ to improve the chances of your marketing success.


Optimizing your e-commerce store makes you draw closer to achieving your sales goals and by following the SEO practices in this post, you are few steps away from tripling your sales.

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