Top 5 Reasons Why Video is The Future of Content Marketing

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It’s understandable that video evokes intense feelings in us, enough to make us share the content like word of mouth on the Internet.

Nonetheless, it is necessary that we know the dynamics behind using these evoked feelings to the future of our content marketing.

1.) It can strengthen your brand message

Your aim is to clearly assert the message your brand wants to portray.

In simple terms, the task is to make sure that the customers know what your brand wants to say. You can do this by showing the persona of your company in your video.

By being very creative with your video designs, being unique and sincere in creating the story for your brand, you’ll be able to completely align everything, such that they all work together to leave an imprint on your customers’ mind about the things you’d like to advocate to make their lives better.

In other words, in your video, if your brand’s style, voice, and content are all consistent, it makes your customers build a more personal approach towards your brand.

Eventually, once your message is clear and strong, customers will no longer go astray with other brands because your video showed them that their specific needs were properly addressed.

2.) Improves user experience across all devices

Ensure video works great on the responsive design of your website.

Responsive designs render well on a variety of screen sizes and devices, ranging from computers to tablets, and especially to mobile phones.

With video, you could never go wrong.  Its usability and users’ satisfaction are proven superb. You are undoubtedly increasing your brand’s reach across the globe. With that, it is not questionable that your business content marketing will never lose any conversion and traffic.

3.) Higher engagement

Video is an effective tool to get to your viewers’ emotional part. It engages them into a whole new level.

A video’s higher engagement success lies in your ability to make your video acquire the mentioned qualities.

However, on a more technical proof that a video provides a better engagement, a video can help you achieve a higher SEO ranking. Google and other search engines have preferred video because more and more people want to watch them than to read through boring texts.

4.) Videos go viral easily

Even without consulting the statistics and just basing on our own experience, we all know that most viral contents are videos. Many mobile video viewers take time to share videos, and the share rate difference with that of the other types of content is humongous.

Maybe it’s time for you to create your own video with a high-quality camera for video and spread your brand.

Such is a power of video in the digital marketing world. Imagine if you have this power and you use it well. You’ll be able to enjoy wider audiences and sustainable online followers.

5.) Boosting brand recognition

People remember more, the things that they watch than the things that they read. The explanation behind this is quite simple yet substantial. The human brain can process visuals much faster than texts.

By that, video content can make your brand identity memorable, and to set the bar even higher; you should always strive in making them unique, attention-grabbers, and have sustenance in prolonging the limited attention of your viewers.

To enjoy more sales, keep your videos’ logos, fonts, colors and voice the same as they are in your blogs. What you want here is that your customers will immediately recognize your brand’s style and format — thus boosting your brand recognition.

Final Words

The power of video lies in its ability to impact your audience on a very personal level, resulting in emotion-driven sales, and letting your customers feel that they are doing the right thing in choosing your brand.

The above-discussed reasons shouldn’t be taken lightly; they can make or break your content marketing now and in the future to come.

George Minton wrote this article.

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