How to Convert Leads into Customers Using Email Automation

Great job! Your website has reached hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors. But then, your sales barely rose up. Of course, your goal is not just to reach millions of views. You want to turn those views into paying customers.

It’s given that not all of your visitors will become your customer. However, you should not miss the chance to convert every visitor. Most of your viewers are not ready to make a purchase yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make a purchase forever. So what you can do is to turn them into leads by capturing their emails through email automation.

You can also use email automation to nurture your leads. Lead nurturing is a marketing method where you continually provide useful content to your leads through email until they are ready to make a purchase.

Here are the stages of email automation you need to do to convert leads into customers.

Gather leads by offering valuable content.

Your viewers won’t just leave their email addresses after visiting your site. Sure you can place a signup form on your sidebar, but it won’t be that effective.

For your visitors to freely give their email addresses, you have to offer highly valuable content that is related to the piece your visitor is currently reading. After every blog post, offer a free e-book or any in-depth version of the content. The CTA will then lead to a signup form where the readers can leave their email addresses so they can access the long-form content.

Pass the leads to your CRM

After a visitor left an email address, you can now relay the information to your CRM system. Aside from the details the visitor filled out like name and email address, it is also important to include what content they opened and other activities they did on your website. The information will be used for appropriate segmentation and lead nurturing.

Create your list using the leads and segment them.

Use the details from your viewer’s opt-in to segment your list. Based on the content they accessed and how they got there, you can divide your leads into three phases:

  • Awareness phase – Leads on the awareness phase recognize that they have a problem but they are not yet ready to solve it.
  • Consideration phase- Leads on the consideration phase of customer journey are already aware that they have a significant problem and they are ready to look for solutions.
  • Decision phase – The lead is ready to make a purchase.


Send out an automated sequence of emails to each segment.

Emails should be matched with the phase your subscriber is on.

  • Give educational emails for first-time subscribers on the awareness phase.

The focus of your campaign should be to provide valuable information.  Use the information on how you captured their email on what kind of content to provide.

The second message should still be filled with valuable information. But this time, introduce a problem they might be facing based on how you captured the leads.

  • Provide the solution for leads on the consideration phase.

This is the time when you can convince them that you can provide the answer to their problems.

  • Empower them with information about your product on the next emails for the consideration phase.

Now that they are aware that they need to solve their problem, prove them that your product or service is the perfect solution. You can do this by presenting testimonials from your previous clients. You can also provide free tutorials on how to use your product.

  • Offer your product in the decision phase of your customer’s journey.

When they reached the decision phase, the lead is ready to make a purchase. Now is the time to sell your product or service. Offer to them the most sensible product based on how they responded to your lead nurturing.


Lead nurturing is a proven methodology of turning leads into paying customers. With email automation, lead nurturing can be done with less time and effort. Do not waste your pageviews; convert them into sales by following the steps above.

Kimberly Maceda is a Content Writer for ActiveTrail. She comes up with brilliant content about email marketing and automation to keep customers updated with the trends. For Kimmy, it’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day almost every day.

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