How Advanced Social Media Marketing Automation Increases Sales

The Automation of your social media marketing using specialized tools makes the tasks faster, easier, and more efficient. These tools allow you to connect to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ so that you can prepare contents to be posted at specific times.

Automation tools are remarkably helpful in easing your social media tasks. Big brands have been doing social media automation to increase their sales.

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Here, we share some Social Media Marketing Automation tactics that will surely increase your sales:


1. Know When to Automate

Automation tends to be somewhat addicting. It is even tempting to automate customer interactions or responses. But this can lead to bad customer experience. You can’t automate everything. Below are the processes you may automate:

  • Content curation

Posting and sharing downright content on your social media is an effective way of building your brand. Automate your sharing of relevant content from your brand, content from others, and personal/non-business related content. This will help humanize your brand’s social media marketing.

  • Non-urgent posts

Non-urgent posts like personal posts (quotes, thoughts, etc.) are not time sensitive. It would make sense to simply automate their posting schedule.

  • RSS

Bloggers mostly want to post their latest blogs to different social channels. Automate this process so that the blog posts get broadcasted to your social media accounts directly. Just be aware of any feedback or response from your followers.

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2. Be Strategic in Your Posting Schedule

Most automation tools let you save all the great contents that you find into a queue. These tools will schedule your posts accordingly throughout the week or day. By default, these tools will space out the posting schedule to hit your followers at reasonable times within the day. But you can also specify the best times for posting to your social media accounts. This is indeed a very effective social media marketing tactic.

Moreover, look for tools that can analyze the behavior of your followers such as when they are online during the day and when they usually engage on social media.

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3. Be Engaged 

Use automation tools to track your brand online.

Google Alerts can be very helpful in tracking your brand name across different social media sites, websites, and blogs. It traces the locations and sources where your brand is mentioned, so you can instantly reply and be engaged. With Google Alerts, you’ll also be notified via email whenever you get any mention. Also, turn on your social media account’s notifications so that you are aware of your account activities. It is also vital to stay updated with current events happening around.

With social media automation, it’s important to stay aware of what’s going on in the world around you, so you can easily update the current post. Always stay connected and engaged with your followers but don’t be too forceful in doing so. Learn the art of perfect timing when engaging in a conversation.

4. Utilize Efficient Automation Tools

If you haven’t used any automation tools as your marketing tactics, then you are lagging behind your competitors. Although manually tracking and updating your campaigns and posts add a personal touch to the task, some things are better to be automated to produce more progress and conversion. Using automation tools like PostPlanner and Buffer will certainly make a significant difference to your engagement, retention, and conversion statistics.

Automate certain processes while being engaged with your audience on a consistent basis. The goal of social media automation is not to remove your tasks entirely, but rather to help you become more efficient by allowing you to use your time wisely. You can focus your energy on finding great contents to post or share, responding to your customer’s concerns, and coming up with new ways to take your brand to a higher level.

This is a guest submission by Abegail Smith. Abegail is a content writer at BuyRealMarketing. She offers and shares her prowess in online marketing articles.  




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