Where To Start Blogging – The Best Blog Sites [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where and how you start a blog can play a crucial role in how successful you are as a blogger. While many beginners seek to start a free blog on sites like Blogger or Tumblr, the fact is that these websites will never be viewed as professionally-built or credible, thereby decreasing their appeal to big brands looking to advertise, and even potentially diminishing their chances of being found on search engines. For the best foundation and visibility, amateur bloggers must start a WordPress blog.

Why WordPress Is The Best

The virtues of WordPress compared to other blogging platforms are multi-dimensional. In addition to being more SEO-friendly, easy-to-use, flexible and powerful yet simple, the WordPress community offers extensive support and knowledge. Below, check out the best blogging platform comparison chart developed by Gary Dek of StartABlog123.com to find the best place to start a blog for your needs.

Best Blogging Platforms - INFOGRAPHIC

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